The name or term Hubcap refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Hubcap (disambiguation).

Hubcap is an Autobot from the live-action film series continuity family.

Hubcap, like Highbrow, is an old Autobot, but he's far from decrepit. On Cybertron, he was one of the fastest Autobots, nipping in and out of skirmishes before the Deceptions could get a bead of him. He could still give the youngsters some tricks. He has no wish to hang up his tyres yet, or in the near future.


Titan Comics

In Salt Lake City, Utah. Crankstart, Brimstone and Trenchmouth were launching an attack and leave. Bumblebee, Hubcap and Slapdash were sent to counter it at the head of a new Autobot stealth initiative operating under the NEST radar.

While on the road, the police start pursue the Decepticons, Crankstart soon takes care of them. The Autobots catch up to the trail of destruction. Hubcap, along with Slapdash, succeed in taking down Brimstone. Bumblebee takes down Crankstart by smashing straight through him. Hubcap then blows up Trenchmouth. Shadow War


Transformers (2010)

  • Hubcap (Scout Class, 2010)
Hubcap transforms into a 30s style roadster/cruiser based on a Willie's 77. He has no weapons. His transformation only consists of a mere three or four steps, even for a scout that's not much.


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