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Hubcap is an Autobot from the Generation One continuity family.

Yellow Bumblebee turns red, then red Bumblebee turns yellow.

Everybody likes Hubcap. He's friendly, always has a clever joke or compliment ready, and is generally a nice, fun, affable bot to be around. On the other hand, nobody actually trusts Hubcap. It's not his devotion to the Autobot cause that's the concern (mostly), but his ulterior motives for his friendship and jokes and the like. He is at his core a con artist, and everyone's a bit on their guard around him. Some think he's this way to cover for deficiencies or to stay in a position well above his actual aptitude level... or maybe he just likes tricking people. He doesn't seem to have made many enemies with his tricks and scams, though; quite the opposite. So perhaps it is all mostly harmless.

No-one doubts that he's got very good audio receptors, though, capable of picking up incredibly weak signals, which is why he's part of the Autobot communications hub. One can only guess as to what he might do with all he hears in that position, though.

French name (Canada): Virevolto


Fight! Super Robot Life Transformer manga

Hubcap is part of the group who arrive to back up Powerglide, who is defending a dog that had been cruelly experimented on by the Decepticons from being hunted and captured by the Combaticons. He and the other Minibots combine with Powerglide in their vehicle modes thanks to the experimental energies within the dog, and spin furiously, smashing through Bruticus' chest and out the other side in a flying drill attack.

No, seriously.

Dreamwave comics continuity

Hubcap is among the group of new recruits seen failing to take on the Auto-Combatant training drones on Cybertron after Shockwave's rule was toppled. Black Sunshine

IDW comics continuity

MegsOrigin4 Hubcap

Actually doing his job!

Hubcap was among the mourners at Bumper and Fastback's funeral at the Security Services HQ in Kaon, appropriately standing next to Bumblebee and Cliffjumper. Megatron Origin issue 3 He later served at an Autobot communications post, trying to radio through to Iacon for reinforcements during Megatron's "everything burns" offensive. In the end, the area was so devastated that Hubcap and the Autobots only requested evacuation from the area instead of new troops, leaving Kaon under Decepticon control. Megatron Origin issue 4

Despite, or because of these events, he was also listed as a potential candidate for a mission that was ultimately given to Wheelie. Spotlight: Wheelie

Fun Publications Timelines

Gone Too Far

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Generation One

G1 hubcap toy

Not yellow Cliffjumper, dammit.

  • Hubcap (Mini-Vehicle, 1986)
    • Japanese ID number: C-57
Released in the third year of the Generation One line in the US (second year in Japan), Hubcap is a retooling of the Cliffjumper "penny-racer"-proportioned Porsche 924 Turbo sports car mold, giving him a new robot-mode head and no "spoiler". He is sometimes mistaken for the variant yellow Cliffjumper, and even occasionally for Bumper, who has a similar transformation, but an entirely different mold for his car parts and robot head.
In 1986, he was made available as a mail-away item (incorrectly labeled as Cliffjumper) in the "Digital Doom on the Highway to Destruction" and "The Autobots Are Under Attack!" fliers packed with most boxed Transformers toys. He cost $3.50 and one robot point.

Generation 2

  • Hubcap (Mini-Vehicle, 1993)
Hubcap was re-released as part of the first batch of Generation 2 toys in the US, this time in shiny chrome red. There's speculation that this was because Hasbro had intended to release Cliffjumper instead but didn't have the mold, but it seems more likely it was simply to keep him from looking too much like his assortment partner Bumblebee.


  • Hubcap didn't have much of a role or a line in The Transformers cartoon, other than trying and failing to defeat Trypticon.

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