The Hubble Space Telescope is a human-made device in the live-action movie continuity.

The Hubble Space Telescope is a big tube in orbit around the Earth. It apparently has unfathomably acute visual resolution, as it can show details as small as a few inches wide from a distance of tens of millions of miles.


Live-action movie continuity

In 2003, an unknown agency used the Hubble Space Telescope to produce routine images of the surface of Mars. One batch of images, however, showed a smoldering impact crater, and upon further resolution showed a slightly blurry robotic figure standing on the planet's surface. The information was promptly passed on to Sector 7, who prepared to "welcome" the newly-arrived visitor. Prime Directives issue 2

Note: Unsurprisingly, the real Hubble does not work that way. Under ideal conditions, it can resolve Martian objects about 12 miles wide. So that's one huge Bumblebee, or one extremely Transformer technology enhanced telescope.
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