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Hound is an Autobot who turns into a Cybertronian ground assault vehicle. He was also on sentry duty once.  


Transformers: Exodus

Hound was on sentry duty before the Autobot exodus from Cybertron. The Shifter Makeshift jumped him, knocked him out and dragged him down a maintenance tunnel. Makeshift then proceeded to masquerade as the Autobot, and, upon being discovered, insisted that he did not kill the real Hound.

Transformers: Retribution

Over Aquatron, Sideswipe reflected that Hubcap was the best scout left to him with Bumblebee captured and Hound lost back on Cybertron.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

While not seen in the game's story mode, Hound's components are available as part of the downloadable 'Massive Fury Pack', which unlocks them for use by creating a custom character for multiplayer mode.


  • It's unknown where Hound would appear in Transformers Universe. Only his concept art was released in the Artwork fansite download on the official site, little else had been mentioned of Hound before the game shutdown.
  • Hound's character was represented in Michael Bay's fourth installment of Transformers called "Transformers: Age of Extinction" and his fifth installment called "Transformers: The Last Knight."