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This article is about the movie Autobot from the PSP game. For the Generation One Autobot, see Hound (G1).

Hound is an Autobot in the Movie continuity family.

Hound is Trailbreaker's buddy.


Transformers The Game (PSP)

Voice actor: Daniel Ross

Hound and the other Autobots landed on Earth with Optimus Prime after getting the distress call from Bumblebee. After Shockwave activated the Drone army of Megatron, he and his good friend Trailbreaker rushed to a nearby communication center to upload a virus around the Earth's atmosphere to shut down the drone army with the help of Trailbreaker. When they finally found one, Hound declared that finding a communication disc is like how they say it on earth "a piece of cake"...until it got blown-up right before his eyes by Decepticon drones. When he and Trailbreaker arrived at the airport, they found out that the power supply was cut-off, so they had to do it manually. Hound climbed on top of the satellite dish, telling Trailbreaker to upload the virus (by smashing the control panel), destroying the satellite controlling all the drones all over the cost of killing Hound in the process. With the last of his strength, Hound asked Trailbreaker if the plan worked, but he died in Trailbreaker's arms before he could tell him that they had saved Earth.

Note: Hound can be unlocked for multiplayer mode by completing the game.
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