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The name or term Hound refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Hound (disambiguation).

Hound is an Autobot from the Age of Extinction portion of the live-action film series continuity family.

Some bots flee from danger. Others can't get enough. Hound takes to battle like a spark to a plug. There's no mission the Autobot Commando won't take, except maybe one that doesn't give him a chance to blast a few Decepticons while he's at it.[citation needed]

"I'm a wicked warrior robot!"
―Hound as he and Bumblebee battle KSI robots in Hong Kong.


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  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: In Transformers: Age of Extinction, Hound is shown to be a formidable hand-to-hand combatant.
  • Expert marksman: In Transformers: Age of Extinction, Hound is shown to be extremely proficient in the use of firearms.
  • Weapons proficiency: In Transformers: Age of Extinction, Hound is shown to be extremely skilled with a triple barreled mini-gun, an assault rifle, two 4-barreled shot guns, 4 pistols (2 different types) a knife, bicep mounted missiles and multiple grenades, and a Cy-gar.
  • Expert driver: In Transformers: Age of Extinction, Hound is shown to be an expert driver in vehicle mode.


Hound is the walking, overweight Cy-gar smoking armory of the Autobots. His arsenal includes a triple barreled mini-gun, an assault rifle, two 4-barreled shot guns, 4 pistols (2 different types) a knife, bicep mounted missiles and multiple grenades, the Cy-gar he smokes is even used as a weapon of last resort. He transforms into an Oshkosh Defense Medium Tactical Vehicle.


Age of Extinction film

Voice actor: John Goodman (English).
"Oh yeah, hell yeah! He's back, he's alive! Optimus is here! "
―Hound upon Optimus Prime's return.

Hound was the first of the remaining Autobots out of Crosshairs, Drift, and Bumblebee, to spot Optimus Prime on his return. As he spots him he slides down the side of a mountain and fires into the sky with joy. As they gather round the returned leader to inspect the new humans he is safeguarding, he argues with drift and aims his three barreled mini gun at Cade. Optimus orders the feuding pair to stop.

"Science fairs' over meatbags!"
―Hound in the KSI lab.

Cade, who earlier stole a drone from Texas, plays its footage and they all watch the demises of Ratchet and Leadfoot. Hound takes off his cap in respect for his fallen comrade, Leadfoot. He joins in an assault on the KSI main headquarters in Chicago. Hound, Crosshairs and Optimus focused on breaking into lab and destroying it while Drift and Bumblebee rescued Cade. During the assault he frees Brains from his "think tank" prison.

The Autobots then retreated from KSI's, as he, Drift and Crosshairs fall back, Optimus and Bumblebee cover their rear while Galvatron and Stinger attack. Distracted by Galvatron, Optimus is attacked and captured, along with Tessa by Lockdown. The Autobots regroup and head for Lockdown's ship to rescue the two.

While Cade and Shane searched for Tessa, Hound and the other autobots went to Lockdown's trophy room to search for Optimus. They check out all of the prisoners Lockdown had captured and Hound personally examined the creature within the biggest cage. He showed some passion for the crab-like creature, although it was disturbing to him. It shot out slime at him, causing him to topple over and he thought he was hit. After realizing he was fine, he shot the creature, calling it a bitch, with his gun. They found Optimus, who instructed Hound to pilot the trophy room ship out of Lockdown's main ship before it launched. Hound, who called himself a bad pilot, eventually managed to separate the ship and fly away from Lockdown, without the bounty hunter knowing.

They flew to Hong Kong to rendezvous with Joshua and the Seed, but while Joshua was handing the Seed over, a KSI Decepticon shot a missile at the trophy ship, causing Bumblebee and Hound to jump out as the ship spiraled towards a geological park.

"I'm like a fat ballerina, who takes scalps and slits throats!"
―Hound during the battle of Hong Kong.

Joshua explains to Cade and Tessa that he designed the prototypes to be able to defeat Hound and the other autobots. Hound responded to this by flicking his bullet Cy-Gar at him. The prototypes attack and Bumblebee and Hound hold out for the time being. After battling the prototype for so long, Hound fights to the last bullet. When all of his guns run out of ammo, he resorts to his knife and even his own helmet, when all else fails he resorts to beating them to death when an empty bullet chain. At one point he is tackled to the ground by a Two-head, he flips his Cy-Gar around in his mouth and bites down it, firing the cartridge and blowing one of the Prototype's heads off.

Optimus would later come to the rescue along with the Dinobots. Hound is later seen transporting the Seed away from the city over the bridge. At the end of the battle, he and the other autobots watch as Optimus flies away to find the Creators.

The Last Knight film

In the years since Optimus Prime's departure from Earth, Hound had taken refuge at Cade Yeager's junkyard with the other Autobots. Hound regularly helped set up one-way phone calls between Cade and Tessa, who was away at college. One day, when Cade and Bumblebee were caught in a stand-off with the Transformers Reaction Force, Hound arrived to provide his friends with extra firepower. Cade was able to defuse the stand-off, though Hound egged on the TRF to shoot him as he departed. Hound unknowingly had two stowaways in the form of the young Izabella and her companion Sqweeks, who hitched a ride back to the junkyard with him.

After a visit from Daytrader, the Decepticons found and attacked the junkyard. While Cade led the others away to set up a trap in a nearby town, Hound stayed behind to buy them some time. Hound faced off with Megatron and the other Decepticons all by himself, and successfully fended them off. Later, when Cybertron loomed in the skies overhead, Hound joined the other Autobots in heading for Stonehenge to partake in the forthcoming battle. Izabella easily convinced Hound to let her join them, and the Autobots met up with the returned Optimus, though Hound didn't get a chance to say hello before Optimus flew off to lead the attack. Hound and Bumblebee boarded an Orbital Assault Carrier to tangle with some airborne Decepticons, but soon hopped off to provide some aid to their human friends. Even with their combined firepower, Hound was unable to push forward thanks to the presence of the Infernocons. Eventually Sqweeks cleared a path, and Hound joined Optimus, Bumblebee, Hot Rod, Cade, and Viviane Wembly in charging forward. Hound once again took on Megatron, this time alongside his fellow Autobots, and was almost killed by the Decepticon leader had it not been for Hot Rod's timely aid. Viviane ultimately saved the day, and Hound returned to Cybertron with his fellow Autobots. The Last Knight


Transformers: The Game(PSP)

Voice actor: Daniel Ross

Hound and the other Autobots landed on Earth with Optimus Prime after getting the distress call from Bumblebee. After Shockwave activated the Drone army of Megatron, he and his good friend Trailbreaker rushed to a nearby communication center to upload a virus around the Earth's atmosphere to shut down the drone army with the help of Trailbreaker. When they finally found one, Hound declared that finding a communication disc is like how they say it on earth "a piece of cake"...until it got blown-up right before his eyes by Decepticon drones. When he and Trailbreaker arrived at the airport, they found out that the power supply was cut-off, so they had to do it manually. Hound climbed on top of the satellite dish, telling Trailbreaker to upload the virus (by smashing the control panel), destroying the satellite controlling all the drones all over the cost of killing Hound in the process. With the last of his strength, Hound asked Trailbreaker if the plan worked, but he died in Trailbreaker's arms before he could tell him that they had saved Earth.

Note: Hound can be unlocked for multiplayer mode by completing the game.

Battle Game mobile game

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  • Transformers Age of Extinction Autobot Hound Power Attacker

Gear up for power-punching action with the Power Attackers! This mighty Autobot Hound Power Attacker figure converts from robot mode to vehicle mode, just like Autobot Hound always has. But when he's in robot mode, his arm snaps out in a quick draw so he can blast any Decepticon into scrap! When he needs mobility more than strength, he converts in 8 easy steps to fast-charging truck mode! Convert, punch and pound with your Autobot Hound Power Attacker!

  • Hound (Power Battlers, 2014)

This version of Hound is a "Power Battler" and a part of the simplified "Robots in Disguise" half of the Age of Extinction. It doesn't transform in one step, like the one step changers.

Ironhide's long lost brother.

Ramboformers: Alt. Mode Style.

  • Hound (Voyager, 2014)

Hound is a voyager class figure in the less simplified "Generations" half of the Age of Extinction Toyline. It apparently has a ton of weaponry. He transforms into an Oshkosh military Vehicle.



  • Similar to his fellow overweight movie autobot, hound has facial hair.
  • Fans have dubbed him the movie incarnation of Bulkhead.
  • Hound is the third Obese Transformer seen. The other two being Ratchet and Leadfoot.
  • He doesn't seem to be very fond of humans, referring to them as "Back-stabbing weasels" and "Meatbags".
  • His Autobot symbol is on one of the ammo pouches attached to his gut.
  • Hound smokes cigars heavily.