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The name or term Hound refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Hound (disambiguation).

Hound wishes he were human. The dark, barren metalscapes of Cybertron no longer interest him. Now that Hound has been shipwrecked on Earth, he considers this planet his home. He sees humankind as beautiful and wishes he could interact with their ecosphere the same way they do, to feel what they feel and to see what they see.

He treasures his job as an Autobot scout, making good use of his ability to project holograms for added disguise. He uses this opportunity to explore the breathtaking caverns and mountainous expanses that Earth provides. He's a meek, benevolent soul, even compared to his fellow Autobots. He gets along with the more blood-thirsty of their ranks but not the most blood-thirsty of their ranks.

Nicknames: Sarge, Nose, Sniffer[1]
Portuguese name (Portugal comics): Caçador
Italian name: Canguro ("Kangaroo")
French name (Canada): Dépisteur
Portuguese name (Brazil comics): Rastreador
Hebrew name: Kelev Tzayid (כלב ציד, "Hound")
Hungarian name: Vadászeb ("Hound" / specifically "Hunter's Dog", "Bloodhound")



Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

When the Transformers awoke in 1984, Hound was part of the Autobot contingent allowed by Optimus Prime to explore Earth. Consequently, he was one of the first to realize the existence of human lifeforms and was involved in the first battle on Earth at a drive-in theater (which the Autobots thought was a religious gathering for cars). The Transformers (comic issue) Following this, he was present at the Sherman Dam battle. After the Ark was reclaimed, he was one of the Autobots who opposed using the Matrix to create super-warriors, and also assisted Mirage in capturing Ravage (though Ravage was taking a dive). Crisis of Command!

When Galvatron made his time-jump to 1986 and Optimus Prime and Prowl were lost in Limbo, Hound and Jazz were sent to spy on Decepticon activity. This led to Cyclonus taking out Jazz and almost killing Hound, with only the arrival of Ultra Magnus saving him. Following this, he tried several times (unsuccessfully) to get Ultra Magnus to assist the Autobots against Galvatron and also took a critical view of Jetfire's tactics, especially as the Autobots were beaten again and again. Target 2006

Hound was one of the scores slaughtered by the Underbase-powered Starscream. He was presumably revived by the Nucleon infusion Grimlock gave all the Ark's deactivated Autobots.

Generation 2

Hound joined Grimlock's unit in leaving Cybertron to find new conflicts and fought against the technoforming fleets of the Cybertronian Empire. He was disgusted by the bloodlust shown by Blades, who berated Hound for being a liability. War Without End! Following this, he was the only Autobot not infected by the psychic parasites of the K'Tord Nebula, due to a blow to the head that knocked him off-line. After Prime and Jhiaxus managed to temporarily cease fighting long enough to deal with the parasites, Hound scanned the Transformers for any remnants in their systems. Primal Fear As one of the more level-headed Autobots, Hound did not participate in Grimlock's ill-advised strike on the Liege Centuro and his fleet. Devices and Desires! Still, he knew good sense when he heard it, even from Grimlock, and when Prime thought it was a good idea for him to go meet the Decepticons alone, Hound arrived with Grimlock and a rescue battalion just in time to keep Megatron from destroying his old nemesis. The Gathering Darkness Later, Hound also got involved in protecting the planet Ethos from genocide. Escalation!

American cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Ken Sansom (US), Kenyu Horiuchi (Japan)

To beat this guy, you need speed. You don't have it. You've got arthritis in your neck, and calcium deposits on most o' yer joints, so sparring is out. So what we're gonna be calling on is good old blunt force trauma - heavy duty power punches that're gonna rattle his ancestors. Yeah!!! Let's start buildin' some Hurtin' Bombs.

Hound was one of the original Autobots aboard the Ark when it crash-landed on Earth four million years ago. When awakened in 1984, he was reformatted to have a terrestrial alt-mode, that of a Mitsubishi military jeep.

As the Autobots got their bearings on this strange, new planet, Optimus Prime dispatched Hound on a recon mission to find the Decepticons. The impetuous Cliffjumper tagged along uninvited, itching to start a fight, and took a pot-shot at Megatron once Hound sniffed out the Decepticon base. Cliffjumper missed, and the Decepticons gave chase. Laserbeak pursued the two Autobot eavesdroppers, and Hound took the brunt of the assault, getting blasted by Laserbeak's cannons. Hound spun out of control on the winding mountain roads and crashed into a ravine.

Cliffjumper returned with help: the Autobot medic, Ratchet. Hound was too injured even to transform, so the crane truck Hauler had to lift him out of the gulch so he could be dragged back to the Ark for repairs. Despite the mishap, Hound bore no ill will against Cliffjumper. The scout had heard enough about the Megatron's plans to plunder the Earth's resources that Optimus immediately launched a mission to stop the Decepticons. More Than Meets the Eye, Part 1

Another potentially humorous image ruined by some nerd calculating that the football has to be about ten feet long.

Later, when the Autobots counter-attacked the Decepticon siege of Sherman Dam, Hound got into an underwater fight with Rumble. The pint-sized Decepticon managed to trap Hound under a pile of boulders so that he couldn't move. Then Spike Witwicky jumped in and removed the boulders, thus saving Hound from non-danger since the Autobot can't drown anyway. More Than Meets the Eye, Part 2.

After the came back from the Ruby Crystal Mines of Burma, Hound and Mirage came up with a plan to fool the Decepticons. They would create a hologram of a rocket fuel base. The Decepticons would go there to use the resources to create energon cubes, at which point the trap could be sprung. Optimus Prime agreed, and the then-imprisoned Ravage was allowed to escape with the false information. However, Megatron outsmarted the Autobots, went to the real rocket fuel base and used its resources. More Than Meets the Eye, Part 3.

In the year 2005, Hound was stationed at Autobot City on Earth. Shortly before the Decepticon attack, Hound was part of Kup's detail, placing a roadblock on the trail to Lookout Mountain. During the battle, he managed to get to the shuttle landing pad as Optimus Prime began his counterattack on the Decepticon forces. The Transformers: The Movie

Note: While Sunstreaker is clearly shown to be arriving on Optimus Prime's shuttle despite having earlier appeared at Kup's roadblock (creating a continuity error), it is less clear with Hound as he is merely shown outside of Prime's landed shuttle. However, the way he is drawn heavily implies that he disembarked from the shuttle.

Japanese cartoon continuity

Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformer manga

Hound appears as the leader of the 4-Wheel-Drive Brigade.

Dreamwave comics continuity

During the Great War, Hound was an Autobot warrior under the command of Optimus Prime. When Prime disappeared, and the Autobots fractioned into several smaller armies, Hound remained with the primary Autobot faction under Prowl's leadership. The War Within: The Dark Ages

Some time later (and four million years ago), Hound was part of the crew of the Ark spaceship, and crashlanded on the planet Earth after a conflict with the Decepticons. The Autobots and Decepticons on board remained in stasis lock, buried at the base of Mount St. Hilary in Oregon, until the volcano exploded in 1984, freeing them. Hound and the other Autobots under Prime's command waged war against the Decepticons on Earth, until finally capturing them all. Roughly a decade after they arrived, the Autobots planned to return to Cybertron with their prisoners aboard the Ark II. Tragically, however, sabotage led to the spaceship exploding on its maiden voyage, and all aboard were believed dead.

Not so. In fact, a human mercenary named Lazarus had recovered a great number of the Transformers that had been on board, including Hound. He went to work on these deactivated robots, installing programming directives that would turn the Cybertronians into mindless drones for his own purposes. In 2002, Hound was repurposed as Lazarus' transport jeep when he entertained the "freedom fighter" Bishop, and stood guard against anybody following them. Prime Directive issue 1 Lazarus was prepared to unleash his robot soldiers on the world, only to fail at the starting gate when Megatron reasserted control over his own programming and resumed the war. Prime Directive issue 2 Hound, along with the other Autobots Larazus had salvaged, were used to power Megatron's metallic virus. Sideswipe reported barely functional state. Prime Directive issue 4

Not long thereafter, Hound and the Autobots were confronted with an envoy from Cybertron, which had apparently ended the war sometime ago, creating a Unified Cybertronian government. Allegedly in order to prevent the warlike Transformers of Earth from igniting old passions, Hound and many of his fellow Autobots were captured by Ultra Magnus, Shockwave, and their operatives. Brought back to Cybertron aboard Sky Lynx, Hound and the Autobots were removed from their prison cells by the Triple Changer named Broadside, and brought into contact with a resistance cell led by Smokescreen. It seemed Shockwave actually had a hidden agenda (of course), and many Autobots had begun taking up arms again to fight back against his regime. Hound joined in the insurrection at Iacon, and the resistance ultimately pushed Shockwave out of command, retaking Cybertron for the Autobots. War and Peace

As Ultra magnus began re-establishing Autobot control over the planet, Prowl decided the Ark's crew would be best served by returning to Earth and establishing a permanent base of operations there. Being the Earth-lover that he is, Hound was all for the idea. He was last seen at the site of the future Autobot City, using his holograms to help Grapple visualize his plans for the city. The Route of All Evil

Devil's Due G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers continuity

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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IDW comics continuity

It's rainin' Hounds!

Guido Guidi draws Cybertronian Hound and makes me cry.

Before the war on Cybertron, Hound was a veteran member of the Autobots, having served under Sentinel Prime with the Security Services force in Kaon. Megatron Origin issue 2 During the mass prison break of Megatron's gladiators and Kaon's most dangerous criminals, Hound and the Autobot security forces struggled to hold the line against the rioting malcontents. After Sentinel Prime returned to the battlefield in his Apex armor, Hound served as optic lead for Sentinel's heads-up scanners in targeting Megatron. However, Megatron destroyed Sentinel Prime's display helmet by throwing Hound's apparently dead body at the Autobot commander. Megatron Origin issue 4

Except he survived. Much later, he was the current leader of a combat unit consisting of Sideswipe, Leadfoot, Warpath, Road Rocket and Skram, manning a permanent guard post around Bludgeon's hidden base in Thunderhead Pass. Hound was a by-the-book guy who followed his mission parameters. Sideswipe was an authority-challenging, loud-talking belligerent who constantly insulted this dull posting demanded they head for Earth to search for his missing brother Sunstreaker. Working with him makes Hound cry.

To add insult to injury a mysterious and powerful being barged into the base, killed Leadfoot, seriously damaged everyone else, and then stole the inactive form of the planet-murdering Thunderwing himself. Spotlight: Galvatron In the middle of briefing Optimus Prime on this event, Hound was interrupted by Sideswipe going on about Sunstreaker again. To Hound's surprise, Optimus agreed and called the team to Earth Devastation issue 1, only for him to then order them to Garrus-9 instead when the "Monstructor Six" were broken out of the prison there. Devastation issue 6

As they headed off in Ark-12, Hound had to listen to, yep, Sideswipe moaning they weren't looking for Sunstreaker. His angry retort to Sideswipe to take it up with Prime was interrupted by an attack from Cyclonus; Hound followed protocol in fighting him off and prepared to carry on instead of investigating the incident (necessity before need), only for the dead Cyclonus to get up again and keep shooting. Ultra Magnus received Hound's distress call from and drove off the threat, but poor Hound got berated by Sideswipe into diverting from their mission to investigate. That divergence led them to Corata-Vaz where Sideswipe goaded Cyclonus into attacking instead of surrendering and then insulted Hound when criticised over this, Cyclonus deadened Hound's arm, and then Thunderwing was awakened to swat the Autobots all aside. Why univerzzze hate Hound? Spotlight: Cyclonus

Not to be bested, Hound's team stayed behind to help the Wreckers in their attempt to best Thunderwing. Spotlight: Hardhead Spotlight: Doubledealer

As the Dead Universe incident came to a head Hound led his team to Earth after the power source for the entire process, picking up Fortress Maximus for a little extra muscle. Despite repeated attempts to assist, Hound remained essentially superfluous as Sideswipe managed to single-handedly best the two Cybertronian Lieutenants, Straxus and Grindcore. Instead Hound passed down assignments to the group passing through the space bridge. Somehow, Hound and Roadrocket managed to disable or get around the Decepticon warrior of last resort, Sixshot and removed the Negacore on Bhul. Defeating the unbeatable Sixshot some how goes to show, never mess with the pacifist. Spotlight: Sideswipe

Second death, but it still doesn't count.

On Earth, Hound's friend Mirage was seriously injured, and as he recuperated, he was haunted repeatedly by dreams of being a Decepticon. In this dream, Hound was among the last of the Autobots holding out in a losing battle with the Decepticons. He was working on a way to convert the cross-dimensional Zodiac energy for consumption in lieu of energon when Mirage tricked the Autobots into letting him enter their hideout. During the subsequent scuffle, Hound killed Soundwave, but the Autobots were forced to surrender when Mirage held Jetfire hostage, yet promised to spare their lives. Unfortunately for Hound, Mirage was ordered by Megatron to execute the Autobots. Hound was killed by Mirage as defiance to Optimus Prime's pleas for him to see reason. But it was just a dream (or some alternate dimension mumbo-jumbo), so it didn't matter. Right? Spotlight: Mirage

War For Cybertron Trilogy

Chapter 1: Siege

Hound and Elita One block Bumblebee's path as he tries to leave Command. Optimus asks him tom join their ranks, but he refuses. Episode 1

After learning from Ultra Magnus the location of the AllSpark, Hound warns Sideswipe to be light on his tread. If the Allspark is nearby, they don’t want to attract Seekers. However, they've walked into a trap. Hound and Sideswipe rush to their comrades but are attacked by Decepticons, however, they manage to take them out with a grenade and save Chromia. Episode 2

Bumblebee infiltrates the Command in search of Optimus. Prowl and Hound bring Bumblebee by the arms to Optimus and he asks who Alpha Trion is. Not long after, the alarm sounds. A lone Decepticon has breached their perimeter. Sideswipe, Prowl, and Hound go to investigate. Jetfire reveals to the Autobots that he’s come to join them. Episode 4

Optimus, Jetfire, Moonracer, Hound, and Prowl enter the forbidden sector in search of the AllSpark. They swerve to avoid the lightning bolts coming at them. Jetfire fires rockets to protect them from the lightning. They are now faced with metal vortexes. Prowl is sucked into one of the vortexes, forcing Jetfite to fly up and rescue him. They then proceed down below to the Allspark. They suddenly find themselves surrounded by rusted old, rusted, Sparkless bots. Episode 5

Optimus, Jetfire, Moonracer, Hound, and Prowl fight off the rusted Sparkless bots. Unfortunately, Moonracer is ripped apart in the battle. Optimus catches a glimpse of the Allspark above. He capture it, causing the Sparkless bots to disappear.

On their way to sector seven, Optimus and Hound are intercepted by Megatron and Barricade. Megatron accuses Optimus of going mad. Destroying the entire planet in hopes of stopping him. Megatron believes that what has happened so far was necessary. Optimus accuses Megatron of going blind with power and revenge. Optimus refuses to allow him to turn the Allspark into a weapon, so Megatron orders the Decepticons to kill Optimus and Hound. Fortunately, Jetfire comes to their rescue, allowing them a window to escape. They eventually reach the Spacebridge and escape with the Allspark. Episode 6

Chapter 2: Earthrise

The Autobots are taken captive and delivered to a Quintesson named Deseeus by a group of mercenaries. One of the faces seek to kill them. The Autobots are held captive. Optimus explains that the Quintesson seems paralyzed by a need for consensus. They can use that to their advantage. Unbeknownst to the Autobots, Deseeus has removed his other four faces.

Deseeus wishes to kill the Autobots. Before he can enact his plan, Doubledealer and his band of mercenaries intervene. This provides a distraction long enough for Wheeljack to free them from their restraints and for Mirage and Hound to destroy Deseeus’ lair with rockets. The mercenaries hold off Deseeus and his army long enough for the Autobots to escape. Episode 2 (Earthrise)

The Autobots are attacked by the Decepticons, however, when the mercenaries start attacking as well, the Autobots and Decepticons are forced to work together. They eventually manage to dispatch of the Decepticons and the mercenaries. Episode 6 (Earthrise)


Generation One

  • Hound (Autobot, 1984/2004)
    • Japanese ID number: 02, TFC-14
    • Accessories: Hologram Gun, machine gun, missile launcher, 3 missiles, spare tire, gas can

Stubby but sweet.

Hound was released as part of the initial Autobot assortment in 1984, transforming into a Mitsubishi J59 Jeep. Mounted on the back of the vehicle mode is a large, silver machine gun turret. Other vehicle accessories include a spare tire and a fuel canister.
In robot mode, Hound is armed with a large, silver "holographic rifle" and a shoulder-mounted, spring-loaded, firing rocket launcher with three silver projectiles. The US version of this launcher had severely weakened springs for safety reasons.
He was reissued in 2004 by Takara in their Collection reissue series, and this mold was used to make the e-Hobby exclusive Detritus during the same year.


  • Autobot Hound (2004)
    • Alternator ID number: 3
    • Japanese ID number: BT-04
    • Accessories: Pistol

"At long last, I HAVE ELBOWS!!!

For the Alternators line, Hound's vehicle mode was updated to a Jeep Wrangler, with opening doors, hood (with mock engine bay) and tailgate, and a detailed interior. Hound also features a working suspension system, similar to 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime, but lacks steering.
In robot mode, he greatly resembles both the original toy in detail and the G1 cartoon model in proportions and personality. In this form, Hound is armed with a holographic projector gun stored inside his spare tire.
The mold was retooled into Alternators Rollbar and Swindle.

Universe (2008)

  • Autobot Hound (Legends, 2008)

But not any more......

Countdown to Swindle repaint in T-minus six . . . five . . . four . . . three . . . .

  • Autobot Hound with Ravage (Deluxe, 2008)

The elbows are back. Indeed, he is highly articulated and includes a new mold of Ravage, which can be secured to the bed of his vehicle mode using some fold-out anchoring tabs. Hound also comes with a cannon that can clip onto the back of either of his seats while he's in vehicle mode, and clip onto his shoulder or be held in one of his hands while he's in robot mode. Deflated giant football, holographic driver, and teenager in hardhat not included. Thankfully.


Sgt. Hound. Starring Steve Martin.

Your bargaining posture is highly dubious.

Proceed on your way to oblivion.
This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release.


Robot Heroes

Not included: Awkwardly-positioned Spike.

  • Autobot Hound vs Blitzwing (2008)
  • Hound is posed, like many Robot Heroes, in a squat crouching pose. However, he has a few noteworthy aspects: he's one of the few Generation One characters to be sculpted with a handheld weapon. More surprising than that, Hound is currently the most articulated G1 Robot Hero, having swivel joints at his head, shoulders and waist.


  • The Hound toy was originally a Diaclone "J59 Jeep", coming with a blue-and-white pilot figure and several IP-infringing decals.
  • Due to the animation models of the characters being based on box art as much as the actual toy, Hound's holographic rifle was misinterpreted as a small pistol thanks to the foreshortening used. The Alternators toy uses the "pistol", which lead to people more familiar with the original figure's gigantic rifle to quip that his new weapon was "far too small."
  • Hound was then less prominent (sound familiar?) from action, until the end of season one when he scared all the Decepticons by projecting an Autobot warrior bigger than Devastator, allowing Optimus to shoot Devastator and make all the Decepticons fall in some lava.
  • Like those of many Generation One characters, Hound's animation model has appeared as an unnamed cameo in the Armada cartoon. He is visible both reacting to the Mini-Con beacon in episode 1, "First Encounter", and in a flashback in episode 12, "Prehistory".
  • The Alternators version of Hound was originally planned as a Jeep Rubicon, sporting a slightly different transformation that would have somewhat reduced the back kibble. The change from the Rubicon to the Wrangler model Hound ultimately came out as it did presumably due to Jeep wanting their more common model featured.
  • For trademark reasons, the Alternators toy required an additional "Autobot" prefix in front of the name, hence making the official name "Autobot Hound".


  1. Nicknames found in early Universe-style profiles published in The Transformers Comics Magazine.

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