The name or term Ricochet refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Ricochet (disambiguation).

Ricochet is an Autobot in a Timelines addition to the Generation 1 continuity family.

FACT: Ricochet is not a mammal.

Ricochet is an awesome spy and he really kicks ass so hard. Everyone should love him because he's obviously way cool.


Timelines: Descent into Evil comic

Ricochet saves everyone 'cuz he's the best.

Timelines: Intimidation Game script reading

Voice actor: Brian Orms

Scourge impersonates Ricochet to test Flamewar's loyalty. And also cuz' even pretending to be Ricochet is awesome.



FACT: Ricochet spies ALL THE TIME.


  • Descent Into Evil (multi-pack, 2005)
Available only as part of BotCon 2005's Descent into Evil set (along with Buzzclaw, Chromia, Deathsaurus, Dirge, Fallback, and Ironhide, Ricochet is a black and black redeco of Generation 2 Hooligan, transforming into a jet. He can fire missiles from his launcher arm using a pressure-launch method.
This mold was also used for the Cyberjet Jetfire, Robot Masters R-Blade, and Universe Wind Sheer.


  • Ricochet is based on a fancharacter that writer Ben Yee created when he was little.

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