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Hotwire is a Decepticon who appears in Transformers: Universe.


Hotwire shouldn't be taken at face value... Sure, he's a money hungry arms dealer with a list of black-market contacts that would impress even Swindle, but don't think for a moment he isn't loyal to the Decepticon cause. He's dedicated to his family, just as much as his bottom line.


Hotwire was part of the crew of the Leviathan when it shot down the Autobot ship Arclight over Central City. He and the other Decepticons on board went on to engage in a number of battles against the surviving Autobots in a number of places around the world.


  • Hotwire was first revealed during Jagex's Twitch live stream on May 13, 2014. It was also revealed that he would be one of the three starting Decepticons you can choose, alongside Rampart and Drive-By.[1]
  • His in-game weapons are the Praetor Pulse Blaster, Liege Pistols, and Retriban Beam Gun. Transforming into a van, Hotwire's alternate mode is armed with a grenade launcher.
  • His in-game abilities are:
    • Heist Healer — improves his repairing ability.
    • Getaway Evade — deflects most incoming attacks.
    • Damage Deceptor — reflects a proportion of damage back at his attacker, thanks to a reflection system he bought on the black market.
  • His active subsystem is "Reactive Programming"; every use of the Retriban Beam Gun has a chance to remove a movement-impairing effect from them.