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Hot Shot is an Autobot under the command of Hawkeye Rodimus Prime. He is a young, inexperienced bot who lives for speed. His quick motion has led him to strive to live life in the fast lane. This usually lands him right in the middle of a battle, carelessly acting without thinking. As a pyromaniac pyrotechnician, his arms can convert into welding torches specialized for construction and repair. But, when duty calls, these tools also come in handy for barbecuing a bunch of no good Decepti-creeps.


Animated cartoon

Voice actor: Bill Fagerbakke (English), Kōsuke Okano (Japanese)
Hotshot flames transwarped


At Megatron's orders, Decepticons from hidden corners of the galaxy attacked Autobot Space Bridge terminals. One such terminal was guarded by Rodimus Prime's team, which included Hot Shot. The terminal was under attack from Decepticons led by Strika, and despite Hot Shot's attempts to use his flamethrowers to vaporize her shots, one connected with his leg. He called for Red Alert, and after examining his busted leg, she told him it'd have to be amputated, but there was no need to worry! Though he freaked, he was assured that a new one would be delivered in 6-8 solar cycles. But Red Alert is disposed of by Spittor, leaving Hot Shot powerless to help his team while in a state of shock. TransWarped



  • Hot Shot

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  • Sadly, Hot Shot's appearance in season three was written long before any of the writers got a chance to read the JaAm comic.[1]
  • How can Hot Shot's torches work in space where there is no oxygen? Shh, the laws of physics will be pissed... Oxy-acetylene torches? Probably the same reason Jetfire and Jetstorm's powers work in space.


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