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Hot Shot has served with Optimus Prime for many years. His gruff exterior hides the tender heart of a pretty girly-man that wants to prance through wildflowers.

Hot Shot's special jutsu is manipulating fire.

Japanese Name: Artfire (アートファイヤー Ātofaiyā)
Russian name: Sorvi-golova (Сорви-голова, "Daredevil")


Robots in Disguise cartoon

Voice actor: Michael McConnohie (English), Eiji Takemoto (Japanese)

He did come out as a burn-out technohippie

I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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Robots in Disguise

  • Artfire (Spy Changer, 2000)
Japanese ID number: C-005
Accessory: Fire Blaster
A redeco of the Generation 2 Go-Bots Blowout mold, Artfire transforms into a Porsche 959 sports car. His silver windshield has heat-sensitive paint that reveals an Autobot insignia, in a method similar to the original rubsigns.
This mold was also used to make the Generation 2 Go-Bot versions of Frenzy and Megatron.
  • Spy Changer DX6 (Multi-pack, 2000)
Japanese ID number: C-011
Accessory: Fire Blaster
All six Spy Changers were not only sold as individuals in Japan, but in a six-piece gift set as well.
  • Artfire clear version (Spy Changer, 2000)
An exclusive redeco of Artfire in clear-red and clear-green plastics, this version was only available from Jusco stores in Japan as a direct-mail premium to members of their "Peppy Kids Republic" (元気キッズ共和国, Genki Kidzu Kyōwakoku), a sort of subsidiary/offshoot for selling baby goods and children's clothing. Since membership was open only to kids 12 and under and this version was shipped blind-packed, getting the entire set of six was extremely difficult.
  • Hot Shot & R.E.V. (Basic, 2001)
Available only in a two-pack with R.E.V., the Hasbro version of Hot Shot replaces the heat-sensitive insignia with a normal Autobot insignia tampograph on the roof of the car. The window-paint changed to metallic blue, plus the toy was slighty retooled to have a locking tab on the windshield bottom to keep the car front end in place.
RID Hotshot Toy

But does he crave JaAm?

  • Hot Shot (Spy Changer, 2002)
All six original Spy Changers were redecoed in colorless-clear plastics (keeping their normal paint applications, though), and released on individual cards through Kay-Bee Toys chains.
  • Hot Shot (Tiny Tins, 2002)
The normal Hasbro version of Hot Shot was released as part of the first assortment of Tiny Tins Transformers, coming with a carrying tin.
  • Super Artfire (Spy Changer, 2003)
Long after the Car Robots line ended in Japan, Takara put out individually-boxed redecoes of the Spy Changers. Artfire was given a reversed white and black deco.
In each case of twelve Super Spy changers, two were all-clear-plastic versions (but keeping their paint applications). All six Spy Changers had a clear variant.
  • Hot Shot (Spy Changer, 2003)
Accessory: Fire Blaster
A second round of Kay-Bee-exclusive Spy Changers was released on individual cards. This time around, he was done in clear-colorless and clear-blue.


  • The color scheme and deco of the original Spychanger toy is an homage to Stepper, an originally Japanese exclusive Targetmaster redeco of the 1984 Jazz toy that's now better known as "Ricochet" outside Japan. Oddly enough, however, the original Japanese version of the Car Robots Spychanger used the name of Stepper's fellow Targetmaster, Artfire. This weirdness lends some credence to the fan theory that Artfire and Stepper had their names switched sometime before their packaging was finalized.
  • In Japan, Artfire is a relative of Fire Convoy.

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