This article is about the swingin', rockin', rollin' Micromasters. For turbo-revvin' young punk, see Hot Rod.

The Hot Rod Patrol is a team of Autobot Micromasters from the Generation One continuity family.

"Robot Hoouuuuse!"

Sin Street, Little Iacon. Trouble hits hot and heavy when the Hot Rod Patrol roll into town. These are the children of violence, who live today as if there's no tomorrow. Hep cats, who learn the naked facts of life too soon. Witness if you dare, the ravaged lives in the adolescent jungles of Cybertron today. They are in your city, your town, your neighborhood. These... are the delinquents.

These are the hottest of hot rodders, the cool and the crazy -- guys who've got what it takes. They're jazzed up and power mad! Starring:

  • Big Daddy, the rockin'est, rollin'est of cats.
  • Greaser, the lost boy, child of the streets
  • Hubs, the nice kid who'd rather die than be called chicken
  • Trip-Up, the bully-boy punk whose courage was a snap-open blade
Japanese name: Hot Rod Team


Dreamwave comics continuity

They rebelled, came back, then rebelled again. There was much vacillation, angst, and shooting.


Generation One

  • Hot Rod Patrol (Micromaster Patrol, 1990)

Return of Convoy

Japanese ID number: C-362
This set came with Micro Trailer # 2.

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