Hot Rod is a bot of many toys!


Generation 1

  • Hot Rod (Autobot Car, 1986/2000/2002)
Japanese ID number: C-78

This is totally what cars will look like in the far-flung future of 2005.

Hot Rod was one of the first toys designed specifically for the Transformers toyline, versus being an imported pre-existing toy. Designer Floro Dery created Hot Rod for the animated film and then the toy was created from his model sheet. (The model sheet would be altered further after the toy was completed.) Hot Rod transforms from a robot into a "futuristic" hot rod sportscar based on the Nissan Dome Zero racecar designed in 1978. His robot mode bears some resemblance to Bandai's Super Robot Zanbo Ace and may have been partially inspired by it. The toy comes with two rifles. There are two versions of this toy; initial releases have die-cast (unpainted) metal feet, while later shipments use black plastic.
In 2000, Takara re-released the Hot Rod toy, having had to retro-retool it from the Targetmaster release. In 2002, Hasbro released it as part of the Toys 'R' Us exclusive Commemorative Series line as Rodimus Major. Both versions use die-cast metal for his feet.
The same mold is used by Black Rodimus.
  • Rodimus Prime (Autobot Hero, 1986/2004)
Japanese ID number: C-77

As you're enjoying your retirement in 2006, tour the country in this!

Rodimus Prime was designed in much the same way as Hot Rod. Rodimus transforms from a robot and battle platform into a futuristicky Winnebago camper. The toy comes with a "Photon eliminator" rifle and two blast shields to attach to either side of his battle platform's cannon. (The yellow spoiler was also to be removed and replaced during transformation.) Like Hot Rod, there are materials variations; initial releases have metal toes with rubber tires, while latter shipments replaced both with black plastic.
The metal-toes/rubber-ties version of the toy saw re-release in both Japan and the US in 2004.
This mold was later redecoed as a lucky draw prize Primus.
  • Hot Rod w/ Firebolt (Targetmaster, 1987/2004)
Japanese ID number: C-110, TFC-13

"I'll have you know Nebulan hood cannons are all the rage these days."

Hot Rod was re-released with his new Nebulan Targetmaster partner Firebolt a year after the original release. The toy was retooled to have larger pegholes in his fists and his engine block so the Targetmaster gun would fit. Latter versions of this toy retooled his lower legs to minimize the scraping of his thigh decals.
Takara reissued Targetmaster Hot Rod in 2004 as sort of an "ultimate" version, with metal toes (the original versions all used plastic) and the twin rifles from the non-Targetmaster version.
  • Star Convoy w/ Hot Rodimus (Autobot, 1991/2005)
Japanese ID number: C-372


Available only with Star Convoy, Hot Rod's Micromaster form is a simplified version of his original toy, transforming into the same futuristic race car. In 2005, Star Convoy was re-released with several deco changes; among them, the decals used on Hot Rod were changed to paint applications. When Star Convoy is in robot mode, Hot Rod can sit inside his chest.
  • Crystal Rodimus (Autobot Car, 2001)
Japanese ID number: C-78C
One of the earliest e-Hobby exclusives, "Crystal" Rodimus uses the reissue Hot Rod mold, but cast almost entirely in transparent plastics. He was availbale only in a set with the evil clone Black Rodimus.

Choro Q

  • Rodimus Convoy TV Version (2002)
Japanese ID number: Q/05

Well aren't you just the cutest little Chosen One ever?

Transforming super deformed version of Rodimus Convoy containing a pull back motor. He came with small version of his rifle that can be held in his hand or attached to the top of the truck when in Choro Q (vehicle) mode.
  • Rodimus Convoy Metallic Version (2002)
Japanese ID number:' Q/06
This metallic version featured metallic flake paint for the body and gold paint for the wings on Rodimus' back. Otherwise, the toy is the same.


  • Rodimus (Deluxe, 2006)

The car from the distant future of 1978! And no it's not a Red Lamborghini

Classics Rodimus is a sleeker, more streamlined version of the original, now transforming into a heavily-altered Dome Zero. His rear-mounted thruster engine becomes a hand-held weapon in robot mode, launching a spring-loaded missile. His left arm also hides a flip-out "comm unit" that is clearly supposed to be the buzzsaw he used for a brief period in the Movie.
In a twist of delicious buttery fandom irony, Classics Rodimus has elements that were introduced in his Energon namesake, making him a somewhat backwards-homage. His face also appears to take visual cues from how he was drawn by Derek Yaniger in the Generation 2 comic book.

Titanium Series

  • Rodimus (3-inch Robot Masters, 2006)

"Three-inch Rod" is its own joke.

Titanium Rodimus is a 3 inch tall, non-transforming, die-cast metal figurine. He has limited articulation, localized in his head, shoulders and waist. His gun (which looks an awful lot like Firebolt) is also removable. Excitement!
  • Rodimus Prime (6-inch Cybertron Heroes, 2007)

Winnebago... of the future!!!

Titanium Cybertron Heroes Rodimus Prime is a mostly die-cast metal transforming toy based loosely upon the original Generation 1 Rodimus Prime toy. He features much greater articulation and bulkier body proportions.
Unlike the original toy which separated into a robot and a battle station, the entire vehicle mode of the 6-inch Titanium version transforms into the robot mode. As with Classics Rodimus, Titanium Rodimus Prime takes some visual cues from the Energon version of the character in addition to the original toy and the animation model... and the actual Classics Rodimus toy, such as the engine-block dickie.

Kiss Players

  • Hot Rodimus X SyaoSyao (Kiss Players, 2006)

The fishing rod turns into arm blasters. The girl eats dumplings.

Kiss Players Hot Rodimus is a retool and redeco of the Alternators Mirage toy, transforming into a red Ford GT. His engine becomes a pair of pistols that double as tonfa weapons, and his fishing rod can be taken apart and reassembled to create a triple-barreled arm-mounted blaster reminiscent of the original Hot Rod's exhaust pipe weapons. His new head sculpt includes a retractable visor patterned after the one used in the movie.
The toy also included a PVC figurine of the character's "Kiss Player" partner Shaoshao Li and a bamboo dumpling steamer.


  • Rodimus (Alternators, 2007)

He wants to go fishing too...

Alternators Rodimus is an exclusive figure, released at the San Diego Comic-Con and Hasbro Toy Shop in July 2007. It is a repaint of Kiss Players Hot Rodimus, which itself is a retool of Alternators Mirage. The figure uses the same head mold introduced in the Kiss Players figure, retaining the original's visor gimmick. The deco has been altered by changing the side striping from white to yellow, while the stripes over the hood, roof and trunk have been eliminated altogether, replaced by a Hot Rod-style flame graphic on the hood and front guards. Most of the Kiss Player deco remains in robot mode, including the yellow hands and flame graphics on the forearms, however the license plates (located at the knees in robot mode) have been changed to read "TOO HOT".
Rodimus' weapons are the dual pistols/tonfa seen with both Mirage and Hot Rodimus, however his Kiss Player counterpart's fishing rod/eliminator and dumpling steamer weapons were not included in the Alternators release. They left the girl out too.

Robot Heroes

  • Rodimus Vs Insecticon (2007)

Light our cutest hour.

Rodimus is a two inch tall figure sculpted in super deformed style with articulation at the shoulders.


  • Series No. 047 Hot Rodimus (2008)
A non-transforming but highly articulated Hot Rod action figure, Revoltech Hot Rodimus uses the Revoltech "revolver joints" for maximum poseability. It is currently slated for release on March 15, 2008. It will come his twin handguns, an extra head with deployed visor and a more neutral expression, a posing stand, and four extra hands (two hands for holding the guns, a pointing right hand, and a thumbs-up right hand).[1][2]
Or you could pick... WHAT'S IN THE BOX.

This item is currently scheduled for release, but is not yet available.


Super Collection Figure PVCs

  • Rodimus Convoy (Super Collection Figure Act 2, 2002)

Figure came in full color and clear.

  • Rodimus Convoy with Matrix (Super Collection Figure Act 2 Chase, 2002)

Chase figure for Act 2 Assortment, colored body with translucent pvc.

  • Rodimus Convoy with Matrix (Super Collection Figure Act 4, 2003)

Figure came in full color and pewter variant.

  • Hot Rodimus (Super Collection Figure Act 6, 2003)

Figure came in full color and pewter variant.

Mega Collection Figure PVCs

YOU! Yeah, you! Say that again to my face, you son of a--!

  • Rodimus Convoy (Mega Super Collection Figure, 2002)
Japanese ID number: Mega SCF-06

Mega SCF Rodimus Convoy is a 5 inch tall non-transforming, articulated PVC action figure based upon the cartoon model. He comes with four sets of hands, the Matrix and a 'Photon Eliminator' rifle.

  • Hot Rodimus (Mega Super Collection Figure, 2002) 5 inch tall non-transforming, articulated PVC action figure based upon the cartoon model. He comes with four sets of hands, the Matrix, an extra head (with optical visor), one welding/repair hand and a sawblade attachment.


I'm a little bit expensive.

  • Rodimus Convoy vs Galvatron (Transformers: 2010 , 1986)
2-pack featuring 2 untransformable vinyl figures of Rodimus Convoy and Galvatron.
  • Rodimus Convoy (Transformers Pullstring T-01, 1986)
Pullstring vinyl statue of Rodimus Convoy with 4 japanese phrases.
  • Rodimus Prime (Heroes of Cybertron, 2003)
Stateside release of the Super Collection Figure Act 2 figure with light piping added to the mold.
  • Rodimus Convoy (Transformers My Clone AS-4, 2003)
Figure MTF-007, non-transformable SD/Kubrick style figure with interchangable parts
  • Hot Rodimus (Metalverse Collection MVC-01, 2007)
Large, rather expensive PVC statue with a base sculpted "Hot Rod" on it released by Daiki Industry. Designed by Hirofumi Ichikawa and sculpted by Yuho Koike, it was originally conceived as a clock-statue (the clock would have gone in the nameplate/sigil section of the base) and proposed as a BotCon exclusive by Mr. Koike and Fumihiko Akiyama. More origin details may be found here.

3D Battle-Card Game

  • Hot Rod (2007)
A 28-point "uncommon" character in the 3D Battle-Card Game's "Energon Wars" expansion, Hot Rod "transforms" into a red sports car that vaguely resembles a Ford GT 40. He uses the same parts layout as Movie Barricade and Bumblebee.


Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?

  • The original Hot Rod toy was initially cast in a pinker plastic similar to the color of his animation model. For unknown reasons, this was later changed to a decidedly less show-accurate red before release, but the earlier version of the toy is visible in the original 1986 Hasbro toy catalogue, and the televised Sharkticon toy advert.
  • Miscommunication between Hasbro and Takara that neglected to mention the fact that Rodimus Prime was supposed to be the new Autobot leader and the upgrade of Hot Rod led to Takara creating the original prototype for the G1 Hot Rod toy in three times the final size, about as tall as Beast Machines Nightscream. When Hasbro corrected Takara about those details, Takara's designers were disappointed because they had to make Rodimus Prime's toy larger than Hot Rod's.[3]

"I fight fire with fire, baby!"

  • A new Rodimus Prime was devised for the 1991-1992 lineup, however this one did not leave the drawing board. He was to be a fire truck, apparently with a design in the spirit of Star Convoy and with transformation scheme similar to Inferno.
  • For a short time, Takara contemplated releasing a Hot Rodimus (Hot Rod) remold of the Alternators Mirage toy as the next Binaltech release after Ginrai, but that plan became obsolete when Takara decided to cancel the Binaltech line as a mass retail line altogether. Instead, Hot Rodimus also ended up as part of the Kiss Players line, after "Ginrai" had previously become Kiss Players Convoy.
  • One of the first concepts for Classics Rodimus was based around the Pagani Zonda super car, before the Dome Zero design was decided upon.


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