Hot House is an Autobot Micromaster from the Generation One continuity family.
Hot house MTMTE

"Hi, I'm Hot House! I'm having trouble coming up with a caption for my picture. Let me mull it over for a while. I suppose I could make a joke about my knee. See how it's sticking up there? 'BEWARE MY KNEEPADS OF DOOM!' or something like that. Or maybe my name is funny. 'Hot House.' It means a heated greenhouse, where people grow tropical flowers. I do like flowers. Red ones set off my optics."[1]

Hot House is a thinker. He mulls over every problem to the last rivet, often out loud. His fellow Autobots wonder if he should really be left in charge of a large battle vehicle, but his attention to detail actually makes him very good at his job, watching the skies at long-range to defend Autobot installations against incoming Decepticon attacks.[2]

His fire station base is also great at shooting at Decepticons bigger than it. Doing any damage is another matter entirely.

French name (Canada): Serre Chaude


Zone OVA

Zone firebase

Badassly awesome! Except when fighting Decepticons.

While barely appearing directly himself, the Fire Base which he's famous for made a few appearances was prominent early in the Zone OVA. It can also be seen in the opening sequence, transforming.

When the Decepticon Generals invaded Zone, the fire base was a crucial part of Zone Base's absolutely useless defenses. It transformed from its innocuous fire station form into a massive artillery platform and let the Decepticons have it with volley after volley of completely and utterly pointless firepower. Hot House himself could (just barely) be seen manning a machine gun on the base.

Zone firebase2

Squint hard, that's Hot House there. manning the extra machine gun on the base.

No matter how much firing was done, no actual damage was done to the Decepticons, who managed to make off with a sample of Energon Z, taken from Zone Base itself.

After that the fire base stayed on Zone (it's uncertain whether it could leave), and Hot House was not among the Autobots to travel to earth to defend that planet.

Zone manga

In this version of the story, when the Decepticon Generals attacked they stole the Energon Z, then the Zone Base transformed, Hot House's Fire Base was part of this transformation. He could be seen (just... or rather... maybe -- it's in black and white, so it could be someone else), manning the station just before the Autobots fired, unleashing enough firepower to force the Decepticons off the planet.

Despite this more successful rain of death, the Decepticons still got away with the Energon Z.


Generation One/Zone


A fire station mounted on the Space Shuttle crawler. IT'S THE PERFECT DISGUISE.

  • Hot House (Micromaster Station, 1989)
    • Accessories: Base, tower, connector ramp
Hot House is a redeco of Tailwind. He transforms into a white and maroon A-10 Thunderbolt ground-strike plane.
He was only available with a fire station that transforms into a tank-like battle mode. In base mode, the fire station can connect to other Micromaster bases and vehicles using a standard connector-ramp piece.
Hot House's mold was also used to make Windrim.


  • All four Micromaster Stations were later re-used in one of Takara's "Brave" lines, omitting the Micromasters and adding a pair of non-transforming mini-figures from the series.


  1. "Of course, 'hothouse' is also an adjective meaning 'delicate, sensitive.' Y'know, I think I kinda resent that! Sure, I'm not the strongest Micromaster around, but I get by! And firefighting is hard work! [harumph] Anyway, I'm still having trouble coming up with a caption. Let me know if you think of something."
  2. More Than Meets The Eye #3

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