Horsepower is an Autobot in the Generation One continuity family.

I've got no toy?? OH CRAP! SPOOM!

Horsepower was an Autobot prisoner of war. He blowed up real good.


Marvel comic continuity

(Note: Events in italics occurred only in the UK comics.)


Horsepower was an Autobot prisoner of war on Cybertron. He was released, along with Playback and Hosehead, to be hunted by Thunderwing as part of a Decepticon High Command test to see if the hunter was fit to become high commander of the Decepticons. Playback was the first to die, and while examining their companion's body, Horsepower and Hosehead encountered two other Autobots whom they mistook for associates of Thunderwing. One of the Autobots, Siren, gave chase after the pair.

By the time the trio realized they were on the same side, it was too late. Thunderwing had been attracted to the ruckus Siren was making and destroyed poor Horsepower while Hosehead and Siren were still squabbling. The Big Shutdown!

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