The Horrorcons are a Decepticon subgroup from the Generation One continuity family.

I attended a Horrorcon once. I got Kane Hodder's autograph!

The Horrorcons are a fierce duo of Decepticon Headmaster triple changers. Both members of the subgroup, Apeface and Snapdragon, are remarkably alike. They both like beating things up, they both like causing general mayhem and they're loudly obnoxious. Although both of them are actually highly intelligent, they like to come across as morons.


Marvel Comics continuity

Apeface and Snapdragon were Triple-Changers working for Scorponok on Cybertron when their chief opponents, Fortress Maximus and his band, suddenly vanished off the face of the planet. They eventually found their enemies when Lord Zarak of Nebulos sent a subspace comm message to Cybertron, asking for help in ridding his world of the Autobots. Snapdragon and the others arrived on Nebulos, ready to destroy their enemies and plunder the planet for resources, taking Zarak and his band of followers prisoner in the process. After Fortress Maximus and his fellow warriors drove off Scorponok's crew with their new Headmaster powers, Scorponok arranged a deal with Zarak to binary bond his warriors with the captive Nebulans. Snapdragon was binary-bonded to Zarak's personal bodyguard Krunk, while Apeface was bonded to Council member Spasma

Headmasters cartoon

Headmasters manga

Television commercial

According to the omniscient narrator, the Horrorcons were created by Galvatron deep within the canyons of Nebulon with the intention of being the fiercest Decepticons of them all. After transforming from jet to robot to animal, the Horrorcons proceed to violently tear apart the canyons where they were conceived.


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