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Horri-Bull is indeed horrible, as well as Aw-Ful, Dis-Gusting, and Gnaw-C-8-Ing, but at least he's not a slob like Blot or Snapdragon or Landfill. Oh, he's a slob, all right, but he's a different sort; neither an ignorant, involuntary slob like the Terrorcon, nor an oblivious slob like Landfill, not even a lazy slob like Snapdragon. Never! He's a proud, oil-spitting, grease-oozing, smoke-belching filthmaster. Horri-Bull boasts, with real pride, that he can't remember his last bath. He believes this makes him unique among the Decepticons. If one were to object that it was not a specialty to take pride in, it would only bring pain and perhaps death by flamethrower, because Horri-Bull is also a horrible bully (ha ha), with a nasty temper and a mean streak wider than the oily trails he leaves.

It is only fitting that this uniquely repulsive Decepticon is paired with such a vile specimen of Nebulan ooze with legs - the vulgar talk shock-jock known as Kreb. Together, they make a team to be avoided.

French name (Canada): Taureau


Marvel Comics continuity

Horri-Bull's partner Kreb served as frontman for the Z Foundation, organized a team of human bounty hunters called the Roadjammers to hunt Autobots freelance for his leader, Scorponok. Unfortunately, the Roadjammers discovered Horri-Bull and his fellow Headmasters "behind the curtain" and tried to take them out as well. Lord Zarak was forced to sacrifice his "jammer"ed control over captured Autobots in order to revive his soldiers. Ca$h and Car-Nage!

When Scorponok and his greeting party were attacked while meeting with Ratbat's crew, Horri-Bull led the remaining army into battle against their fellow Decepticons. However, he was quickly sliced in two by Blitzwing. Cold War! He recovered, and continued serving under Scorponok, and later Bludgeon. He was last seen in the battle on planet Klo, before the Decepticons went into temporary exile. End of the Road!

Note: Horri-Bull's origin is unknown. He was not one of the original Nebulan-bonded Decepticon Headmasters, so either Zarak recruited more Nebulan partners for the Decepticons behind-the-scenes in Headmasters #4, or returned to Nebulos for a recruitment drive at some later date.

Marvel UK future timelines

In 1995, Horri-Bull joined Shockwave, Fangry and Squeezeplay in attacking the Autobots at a football stadium in California. While his partners disabled Jazz, Horri-Bull roasted Hot Rod with his flamethrower breath. They then turned their attention on Optimus Prime, but were interrupted by the newly-created Autobot, Arcee. She kept the Decepticons occupied long enough for the other Autobots to recover, and so they fled. Prime's Rib!

Dreamwave comics continuity

Horri-Bull is briefly seen as a member of Starscream's Predacons during the Dark Ages, fighting off a raid by the Lightning Strike Coalition. The War Within: The Dark Ages


Generation One

You mess with the bull, you get the horns.

  • Horri-Bull (Headmaster, 1988)
    • Accessories: "Concussion Blaster" rifle, double-barreled "flamethrower"-tail
Horri-Bull transforms into a robotic bull (though he more closely resembles the Terror dogs from the Ghostbusters movie). His beast-mode back opens up to contain his Nebulan partner Kreb, who forms the robot mode's head. Plugging Kreb (or any other Headmaster) into the neck socket activates the tech spec meter in Horri-Bull's chest; as a smaller Headmaster, the stats are part of a single plate rather than individual rollers. His twin-barreled tail-blaster becomes a hand-held weapon in robot mode.
His beast-mode forelegs feature articulated claws, but what purpose this serves is unknown, since they only fold down, useless in beast mode and actually covering up his fist-holes in robot. Like most larger toys of the era, he features 5mm peg holes for holding weapons.
This mold was released in Japan without changes as the Super-God Masterforce human villain Bullhorn.

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