Hopper is an Autobot redshirt from the Marvel Comics portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.
Hopper alive marvel uk 183

"You check in..."

Hopper is stationed at Autobot City: Earth along with Arcee, Beachcomber, Chase, Skydive, Trailbreaker and Wheeljack, under the command of Blaster.


Marvel Comics continuity

Hopper dead marvel uk 183

"...but you don't check out!"

When their own world was threatened by a rift in time and space, the Quintessons made plans to invade Cybertron. Their first action was to travel to Earth, where they launched a surprise attack on Autobot City. Hopper was one of the first to respond to their sudden appearance, and seconds later became one of the first to be blasted down by them. Hopper was not seen again. Space Pirates!


  • Many generic Autobots without names appear in the early part of this issue. In death, this generic Autobot has a name. His name is Hopper.
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