Hooligan (フーリガン Fūrigan?) is a Destron from the Transformers Generation 2 manga. If Skywarp needed competition in the cruel practical joker department he's found it in Hooligan. Only marginally smarter than fellow Cyberjet Space Case, his idea of a great joke is usually something mean spirited and destructive. Hooligan doesn't care who his target is either; Cybertron, human, or fellow Destron. His greatest flaw is a tendency to go too far in pursuit of a good joke: most robots would know better than to pull a prank on Megatron, Hooligan... not so much. Given that, it's a wonder he's still functional. But hey, some people do worse, and they get to live.


During battle, Convoy had gotten the advantage over Megatron, who was low on energy. Convoy was about to force Megatron to surrender, when Hooligan arrived and hit Convoy in the back with his missile attack (see Trivia below). The blow destroyed Prime's back unit, making his cannon in-operative. Megatron then gained the upper hand.

The Earth Is in Danger!


This may seem gritty and mature, but then Junpei shows up and ruins it.

In the year 199X, the Destrons came to Earth to plunder its forestonite, a newly discovered super energy source. The Destrons Cyberjets attacked the Japan Self-Defense Force air show and began wrecking the joint. (Why? What's the connection to forestonite? Who knows?) The three Cyberjets closed in on the spastic human Junpei, who had stuck around to hurl rocks at the Destrons, but Electro arrived and rescued the boy. Hooligan snarled that Jolt must have screwed up, as he had been sent to kill Electro earlier.

Electro fought well against the trio, especially considering the damage he had taken in his battle to the death with Jolt on Earth's Moon, managing to destroy Skyjack. To avenge his friend, Hooligan blasted Electro from behind with his missiles (see Trivia below), severing his right arm and nearly killing the Autobot.

Before Space Case could deliver the final blow, Convoy arrived on the scene, (presumably) killing Space Case and saving Electro's tailpipe. Hooligan was pleased at the opportunity to fight Prime one-on-one, but his joy was short-lived. Before he could touch his opponent, Megatron arrived and sent a fusion cannon blast at Prime. Prime managed to dodge the attack, but Hooligan was not so lucky. The blast completely atomized the fun-loving jokester. The Earth Is in Danger!


Generation 2

G2 Hooligan toy

You corner me, and I might become a scallywag!

  • Hooligan (Cyberjet, 1995)
    • Japanese ID number: TRF-9
    • Accessories: 2 missiles
Hooligan transforms into the proposed "swing-wing" Naval variant of the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor in orange with black tiger stripes and a large pressure-launch missile launcher atop the airframe. When transformed, the missile launcher becomes the robot's right arm, and like all Cyberjets, Hooligan's robot mode makes use of ball joints for a high degree of articulation. His two missiles store by clipping into grooves on this non-launcher arm, which ends up on the underside of his jet mode.
The Hooligan mold was redecoed to make Generation 2 Jetfire. It was also used to make Robot Masters R-Blade, Universe Wind Sheer, and Timelines Ricochet.


  • Hooligan's named missile attack in the manga has been romanized as both "March Shower Missiles" and "Multi Shower Missiles", but neither by official sources. "Multi" makes a lot of sense, though "March" has a certain apt poetry that Japan seems to like. They are also portrayed differently: the pack-in manga shows it to be his claw-arm missile attack, while the Comic Bom Bom manga shows it to be a pair of missiles launched from the bits that stick up on his back in robot mode.


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