Prosecution charges the defendant is not a truck, but a monkey!

Optimus Primal begins to assemble his army, but one of his chosen isn't so willing.

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Universe issue #3

Script: Simon Furman
Pencils: James Raiz, Makoto Ono, and Marcelo Matere
Inks: Ted Pertzborn, Chuck Gibson, Glass House Graphics
Lettering: Simon Bowland
Colors: Glass House Graphics, Kirsta Ward
Post Production and Assist: Glen Hallit Art Director: Dan Khanna


On Cybertron, Optimus Primal appears before the High Council. Despite the warnings of Snarl, he speaks in prophetically purple prose of the Chaos Bringer's return. The Council find his claims to be more than a bit outlandish and presumptuous, and confine him to quarters.

Within Unicron, Tarantulas sends Blackarachnia on a mission to Cybertron, with a horde of Piranacons at her command.

At the Oasis Research and Development Facility on Cybertron, Striker and Autobot Ratchet are trying to remove Unicron's corruption from Sideswipe, while Rattrap and Cheetor argue about Primal's return and his state of mind. Ratchet grouses about the distraction; Trailbreaker ushers the two out the door, while voicing his vote of confidence for Primal, a position that Rattrap backs whole-heartedly.

Blackarachnia and her crew arrive via a teleportation bubble; she sends the Piranacons ahead to the Vector Sigma chamber, accessible via a once-sealed tunnel whose protection is now weakened by the corrosive action of the Rust Sea. Their mission: to bring back the head of Alpha Trion.

Alpha Trion reports to Primus on the latest (though expected) setbacks to their plans, as Snarl frees Optimus Primal and returns him to the Vector Sigma chamber. Alpha Trion explains their two-fold plans: a cloaked orbital platform, "from which to guide and guard the planet", as well as a cover infiltration unit to gather intelligence (from Unicron, presumably). Both projects have hit snags, and so Primal is allowed to choose any two Transformers from anywhere, any time... even from "beyond the veil".

Rattrap, needing to blow off steam, takes a noisemaker to the Undercity, firing the pistol off at nothing while Blackarachnia observes...

Primal had made his choices: Depth Charge and Rhinox. Depth Charge, however, isn't happy about it; he'd found his peace after a long spiral down a path he didn't like. Unwilling to force his hand, Alpha Trion sends him off with his blessings. Rhinox, by contrast, is grateful for the chance to atone for his actions as Tankor.

On the surface, Depth Charge takes stock of the changed planet. Nearby, Blackarachnia attacks Rattrap, and is on the verge of delivering a killing strike when Depth Charge arrives and knocks her out. Rattrap realizes something big is up, but Depth Charge is still unwilling to help any further. He leaves as Rattrap, still weak from the attack, passes out.

Below, Primal is upset that he chose so poorly, but Alpha Trion reassures him that there is still one more hand to play, as a dimensional portal opens, admitting the massive form of Omega Prime.

Depth Charge transforms and swims off into the Rust Sea... and runs right into Blackarachnia's Piranacons.

Note: 3H's loss of their Hasbro license meant this was the last issue published. The story remains unfinished. See Items of Note below for more.


  • Brawn is shown with a toy-based faceplate and eye band. Previously he was drawn with his cartoon-model face.

Items of note

  • This was the final issue of the Universe comic, as 3H subsequently lost the Transformers license.
  • The events of the OTFCC 2004 Live-Action Script Reading are set some time after this issue.
  • Depth Charge's bio in this issue gives some hint of events planned for the remaining issues, stating that Depth Charge volunteers to work with King Atlas in running a refugee network within Unicron's own body.
  • The subsequent final battle within Unicron is briefly described in an issue of the fan club comic. A host of Transformers are seen battling Unicron's generals within the Pit, led by Optimus Primal. Unicron abruptly disappears, taking his generals with him, and leaving the rest to escape via dimensional portals.
  • As before, the inside front cover includes a fannishly-detailed summary of previous issues.
  • In last issue's escape, the original G2 Jhiaxus was shown. In this issue's flashback depicting the same scene, Universe Jhiaxus is thrown into the mix.
  • The issue includes Dreamwave-style profiles for Depth Charge and Autobot Ratchet.
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