Holomatter is a technology in the main G1 IDW continuity.

Holomatter is a solid-light projection technology, used by Autobots operating on alien worlds. Holomatter projectors can create projected facsimiles of native species which are too small or fleshy for the Autobots to mimic with their mechanical altmodes.


All the Autobots operating covertly on Earth are shown to have holomatter avatars to act as their vehicle-mode drivers. The avatar isn't just a friendly image to fool human beings; it's also the Autobot equivalent of a remotely operated vehicle, allowing Autobots to go places and perform actions that would otherwise be prevented by their size and the need to camouflage their true identities. Having an avatar in a location is like the Autobot being there himself. An avatar can function a considerable distance away from the controlling Autobot, even when separated by solid walls. The avatar can operate both outside the Autobot and within, acting as a vehicle mode "driver" for disguise purposes.

Holomatter avatars can be intangible, or as solid as a real object. Although the upper limit of the strength of a holomatter avatar has not been established, we witness Ironhide's avatar lifting Verity Carlo and Jimmy Pink at the same time. We also see him increasing the size of his avatar to over 9' (3m) tall so as to manhandle the pair through a hole in the ceiling. Escalation (issue 6)

Ratchet mentions "holomatter generators".[1], which all Autobots are presumably outfitted with. These devices are small enough to fit unobtrusively within a standard Transformer and, aside from the fake driver they project, give off no visual or auditory emissions. They can cause the avatar to blink into sudden existence with no warning.

Overload jolt

In emergencies, a holomatter avatar can be used to deliver a massive electrical surge at very close range. This surge is powerful enough to momentarily disrupt the systems of a single Transformer, enough to cause disorientation and possibly unconsciousness. The cost of this surge is that it burns out the holomatter generators themselves.

Limitations and weaknesses

Holomatter disguises are limited by their operator's understanding of the lifeform they mimic. During their early time on Earth, the holomatter avatars of the Autobots wore a "creepy-fixed-smile"[2]; although Ratchet's avatar's upper face expressed worry, fear and resignation (and its eyes closed) during the Autobots' initial interactions with Hunter, Jimmy and Verity, its smile never disappeared. This lack of understanding may account for why otherwise "male" Autobots (for example, Bumblebee and Sunstreaker) have female avatars. It is not known if the Autobots can alter their voices to suit the gender of their avatar. After Optimus Prime arrived on Earth, Hunter gave the Autobots a "crash course in Earth culture"; Jazz noted that the Autobots never realized that humans found the smiles of their avatars disturbing. After this, the Autobots' holomatter avatars became much more expressive.

Much like Pretender shells before them, holomatter avatars carry a strong connection to the consciousness of its generating Autobot. Damage to the avatar can cause severe impairment to the controlling Autobot if their consciousness is not withdrawn in time. [3]

Holomatter can be detected by devices called "holomatter readers", which The Machination appears to possess.[4]

Known Avatars

  • Bumblebee - Brunette and smokin' hot white female based on Lindsay Lohan.[5].
  • Hot Rod - "Cool yuppie" white male with brown hair in a ponytail and sunglasses.
  • Ironhide - Older "military brass-type" white male with silver hair and mustache in a gray suit.
  • Jazz - Young black male in a black suit.
  • Ratchet - Blond middle-aged, sightly hefty white male. Wears EMT uniform (without jacket).
  • Optimus Prime - Well-built-and-bearded trucker modeled after Ulysses S. Grant.[5]
  • Prowl - "Federal agent"-type: Red hair, receding hairline, middle-aged white male with dark sunglasses and a gray suit. In short: Horatio Caine.
  • Sunstreaker — Blonde female; after becoming a Headmaster, his avatar is Hunter O'Nion.
  • Ultra Magnus - Nebulan scientist & security guard (he switches avatars during the story).
  • Wheeljack - Balding "mad scientist"-type older white male with white hair, glasses, goatee.



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