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As a leader material, Holi (ホーリー Hōrī) isn't exactly cut from the right cloth. He's young, but so is the rest of the Rescue Patrol Team, and though he is the most mature of them all, that isn't saying much. Holi likes to hang out with Star Saber's human son, Jean, in his spare time. While a goof-off most of the time, when there's trouble he's quick to act. He is a fast-thinker and a resourceful one at that. He misses his home planet of Micro greatly, mostly due to the fact that his girlfriend is there (something the rest of the Rescue Patrol enjoys riding him on).

English-Malay dub name: Fixit
Shout! Factory subtitle name: Stakeout
Russian name: Фиксатор ("Fixit")


Victory cartoon

Voice actor: Kyōko Tongū (Japanese)

Holi spent much of his time hanging around with Jean – possibly more than is healthy – but they shared a close friendship somewhat like that of Daniel and Wheelie (albeit with a dash more antagonism at times). The Brave Hero of the Universe - Star Saber

He was smarter than he seemed, as he apparently built Jean's hover-pod, without which the kid couldn't get around Autobot bases half as quickly as he did. He also showed pretty serious guts for such a tiny fellow; it took a certain kind of spunk to try a flying pounce on Leozack. Too bad he forgot about Leozack's little buddy. Sneak Attack! Dinoking, Attack! Leozack

Just when it seemed Holi's only purpose on Earth was to babysit Jean and occasionally take part in a skirmish, he got outed. He wasn't just any Micromaster—he was none other than the leader of the Rescue Patrol Team! Though a bit scatterbrained in his early approach, he quickly proved he was no slouch when it counted and led his team on a successful operation the very day they finally showed up. Move Out! Rescue Team, Infiltration... The Uranium Mine, Explosion!! The Energy Base, Big City - Underground Terror, Clash!! Two Great Heroes, The New Warrior - Hellbat, Attack the Shuttle Base!!, Tanker Hijack Operation, Move Out!! Breastforce, Rescue Jean!!, Mach and Tackle, A Fierce Battle!! The Asteroid

Following the destruction of Deathsaurus's asteroid plant, Star Saber was called on to take care of some problems on Micro. Apparently, Ginrai was more than a little busy elsewhere in the sector. The Rescue Patrol Team went along. Planet Micro - The Mysterious Warrior

After Blue Bacchus and Black Shadow were taken care of, Leozack and crew showed up looking to bust their pal Gaihawk out of his prison on Micro's moon. Even with the ex-mercenary Greatshot helping them out (to Holi's initial dismay), the Autobots couldn't stop Gaihawk's release by Hellbat. With the prison falling down around them and a rather large lava pit beneath them, Holi looked on in bemusement as Greatshot attempted to sway his former colleague to the Autobot side. Gaihawk wasn't having it and blasted the Six Changer, who tumbled into the lava pit, then made good his escape with the rest of the Breastforce close behind. Holi then proved himself not only a true Autobot by staying to pull Greatshot from the pit, but ridiculously strong for a Micromaster while he was at it. The only thing that stopped him from pulling Greatshot from the pit unassisted was the ground giving way under his feet. Luckily, Star Saber arrived just in time to save them both from gravity's merciless clutches. Rescue! Gaihawk

Holi then naturally took the opportunity to visit his girlfriend, despite the good-natured ribbing his teammates gave him about it. After all, what self-respecting bot wouldn't pay a visit to his girl with a cadre of powerful Decepticon warriors on the loose? Holi was rewarded for his thoughtfulness when he and Clipper, out for a drive and a little bit of catch-up after his long absence from Micro, stumbled upon an argument between Hellbat and Deathcobra. The loving couple were subsequently witness to Deathcobra's murder and given the blame by a panicking Hellbat, who ran off and told his tale to the rest of the Breastforce. For some reason, they bought the story and stormed off to take revenge for their fallen comrade. On the Micromasters who killed him.

On MICROMASTERS, people. The pair were still conveniently at the scene and would have been scrap had it not been for the timely intervention of Star Saber. Unite! Liokaiser, Assemble! The Warrior Combiner, Resurrection!? The Decepticon Fortress, Battle Up of Wrath!!, Fight to the Death!! Antarctic Battle, Crisis! Ambush in the Desert, A Deadly Battle, Ginrai Dies!!, Fight!! Victory Leo, Ultimate Crisis!! Autobots, Awaken! Victory Leo, The Tide is Turned! The Ultimate Weapon, the Victory Unification, Jean - Defend the Campus!!, A Mystery?! The Deception of the Base Bombs, The Death-Bringing Space Insects!!, The Strongest! Victory Saber, The Terror of the Giant Tidal Waves, The Wrath of the Resurrected Giant Fortress!, Showdown! The Fortress vs the Victory Unification

Victory manga

Zone cartoon

"Oh man, that does NOT smell right."

Holi said he wished Dai Atlas and Sonic Bomber were around. They promptly appeared.

Holi did not then say he wished he had a whole bunch of energon cubes. Ah, well. It probably wouldn't have worked anyway. Enter the New Supreme Commander, Dai Atlas!

Note: In Zone, Holi's car-exterior is now black, finally reflecting the appearance of his toy.




  • Rocket Base (Micromaster base, 1990)
Japanese ID number: C-330
The Micromaster Rocket Base set (the Takara release of Countdown's base) included Holi and the other members of the Rescue Patrol, as well as Countdown's Japanese counterpart, Moonradar.
  • Rescue Patrol Team (Micromaster Patrol 4-pack, 1990)
Japanese ID number: C-331
Holi transforms into a black police car. He was sold as part of the Rescue Patrol Team, along with Pīpō, Fire, and Boater.
This toy is identical to Stakeout.


  • Rescue Patrol Team (Micro Trailer team, 1991)
Japanese ID number: C-373
This set came with Micro Trailer # 10.


  • In the Victory anime, Holi and Boater (who are gang-molded) were consistently drawn and colored as if their black plastic parts had instead been produced in white. (Possibly Takara had plans at one point to release them in these colors, so that Holi would more closely resemble a Japanese highway patrol car.) In Zone, however, Holi was colored to match his toy.
  • Nobody is really sure what his name means. One possible explanation is that it's based on police; the Japanese characters for po and ho are similar, differing only in the presence of a circle.

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