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Hojoni is a film about a fictional fire-breathing lizard in Generation One continuity.

Oh, no! There goes Tokyo!

A billboard advertises the film Hojoni. Kremzeek!

"Konno baka mitai na eiga mitakoto naiyo!"
―A Japanese patron utters the Japanese equivalent of "I've never before seen such a stupid movie!"[["Kremzeek!"| [src]]]


Hojoni is clearly a fictionalized version of the famous movie monster Godzilla. Godzilla may actually exist in at least one version of Transformers continuity: in the Marvel comic the character Nicholas refers to a big green, fire-snortin' lizard. Nicholas himself is a version of Nick Fury, a character from the main (non-Transformers) Marvel comics universe, which does in fact feature a Godzilla.

The Generation One comic and cartoon are very close, with many common features, so it's vaguely possible that Godzilla exists in the toonverse and that the movie "Hojoni" was inspired by his rampages. Alternatively, perhaps the movie was inspired by real events within the cartoon universe, and Nicholas was actually referring to a comic-continuity version of Hojoni. Or maybe they have nothing to do with each other at all.

Wondering what a naked girl has to do with the movie. This isn't Kiss Players.