Hitoshizuku Amaō is a human character in the Kiss Players portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Someone who should have taken anime a little less seriously.

Commander Hitoshizuku Amaō (天桜一雫 Amaō Hitoshizuku) is an officer in the Earth Defense Command. She is in charge of at least the Tokyo-based Ne Autrooper squad and possibly all 12 of the known Kiss Player teams.

Apart from her glasses and double-pierced ears, Commander Amaō dresses in the style of the Japanese Heian era, complete with a traditional bamboo-handled parasol, cleavage-baring kimono, and "princess cut" hairstyle. Unlike pretty much any other female in Kiss Players, she appears to be over the age of 20.

She behaves maternally toward her young Kiss Player charges, but is not above shouting wildly from the sidelines during a battle.

Amaō drives a police-style Mazda RX-8 that is visually identical to an Autrooper in its vehicle mode. Whether her transport is indeed an Autrooper, and whether it is one of the established 48 or an additional unit, is unknown, as is whether Amaō has any Kiss Player abilities herself. It's also unknown how she manages to drive in those sandals.


Kiss Players

Voice actor: Michiyo Yanagisawa (Japanese)

In 2005, Rodimus Prime carelessly threw Galvatron out of Unicron into outer space and into Tokyo. Galvatron's falling body happened to take out Amaō's daughter, who was innocently studying in school at the time...as well as a large portion of Tokyo, Japan. This incident turned Hitoshizuku Amaō from a mild-mannered scientist into the anti-Transformer E.D.C. Commander.

Following a Transformers-related subway attack in Tokyo, Commander Amaō arrived on the scene and was greeted by two panic-stricken E.D.C. Kiss Players. As one tearfully informed her that a Legion had escaped the scene and that Shaoshao Li's fusion time had nearly expired, Amaō comforted her, pressing the girl's face to her ample bosom and assuring her that the E.D.C. couldn't afford to lose any more valuable Kiss Players.

She did NOT need to see that, girlfriend.

Shortly thereafter, as the aggressive Legion confronted Atari Hitotonari and an unconscious Shao, Amaō pulled up in her car and observed the encounter from nearby, noting with excitement that the two powerful Kiss Players had been drawn together, just as she had thought they might be. Evidently, the young Atari had been under observation by the E.D.C. for some time as a potential Kiss Player operative.

Although she shouted out advice, encouraging Atari to kiss the Ne 04 Autrooper, neither Amaō nor the unseen squad member who arrived at the battle with her seemed inclined to lend any actual assistance.

When Atari did indeed kiss and merge with the Autrooper, Amaō rejoiced that she had been correct about the girl's power. Her celebration was rudely cut short a few moments later when the Legion's severed head and lolling tongue landed with a splash of goo only a couple of meters away.

You will be whole again. I promise.
I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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  • Amaō means "Heavenly Cherry Blossoms" in Japanese. Hitoshizuku means "a drop (of liquid)".
  • Though no "toy" of Amaō was ever made, the "Autorooper x Atari" packaging does feature a 1:24-scale-sized cutout standee of her on one of the top box-flaps (pictured at the top of this article). This is the only Kiss Players human "figure" with the ability to stand up.

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