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Hightower is a bestial Decepticon who transforms into a gigantic truss crane and the left arm of Devastator.


Revenge of the Fallen filmEdit

Hightower participates in the climatic battle in Egypt. He transforms and forms Devastator's left arm along with an unknown decepticon. He was killed along with the other construcions when Devestator was blown apart by a rail gun shot to his right Scrapper arm. Transformers: Revenge of theFallen


  • Hightower (Legends, 2009)

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  • The small front loader, which forms Devastator's left palm, doesn't belong to Hightower, as they were seen "crawling" in the desert, before connecting to him.
  • Judging by the concept art on the top of this page, Devastator's wrecking balls may belong to Hightower, though they were not seen on Hightower in the movie.
  • The concept art of Hightower shows him having a more humanoid form, while his Legend class toy depicts him as more of a dinosaur-scorpion build.
  • In a promotional pamphlet distributed with some Revenge of the Fallen toys, Hightower is mistakenly labelled as Scavenger with Scavenger labelled as Hightower.

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