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Hightower is a Constructicon from the Classics portion of the Generation One continuity family.
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Hightower dislikes his Constructicon teammates a lot. Practically a mobile chemistry lab, he loves anything that kills, especially poisons and explosives.

Note: Hightower's personality seems to be a combination of Hook and Mixmaster's, the two Constructicons missing from his team. It is currently unknown just what the hell his deal is — only that he is not Hook.


Timelines Classics comics

Note: The Classics comics continue from the Marvel G1 comics, but disregard G2 and Marvel UK.

The Constructicons were among the troops that Megatron covertly rebuilt on Earth after Bludgeon's defeat and exile. Both Hook and Mixmaster were curiously absent from team, with the enigmatic Hightower in their place. It's unclear why this was, but Hightower himself joked about stripping enough spare parts off of Grimlock to "build a new Hook." Crossing Over: Part 6



  • Constructicon Devastator (Multi-pack, 2007)
Classics Long Haul toy

Who am I again?

Classics Hightower is a black and purple redeco of Energon Duststorm and Wideload, and his teammate Classics Long Haul only available as part of the Classics Constructicon Devastator giftset. Hightower's crane arm extends out and can be fitted with a purple claw accessory. In robot mode the crane forms his left arm, and thus his otherwise-normal robot mode is rather awkward.
He can also form a leg or arm to any Energon-series "Powerlinx Combiner" super robot, though his nominal placement is as the huge right boot of Devastator.

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