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Hightail is a native of Velocitron and a former champion of the Speedia, the planet's biggest recurring race. His knowledge on the Speedia was such that his fellow Velocitronians respected his opinion, a fact that Optimus Prime made note of during his visit to the planet.


Transformers: Exodus

He thus resolved to speak to Hightail separately from the planet's rival rulers, Override and Ransack. Makeshift, who had arrived on the planet while disguised as the Autobot Hound, later met with him and several other Velocitronians, spreading Decepticon dogma and trying to convince them to support the cause of Megatron.

Hightail later spoke to Override prior to a meeting between her and Optimus Prime, by which point Optimus had determined that he might be in Ransack's camp and thus warned Override not to trust him after he had departed. Hightail later proved Optimus' fears true by joining Ransack during the opening battle of Velocitron's civil war. However, Hightail proved no match for Bumblebee, who knocked him down; he was then prevented from rising by Ransack before the battle truly erupted. He would later witness the arrival of the Star Seekers on the planet, though he would mistake them for the Nemesis Crew.

Upon arriving on Velocitron and seeing Hightail, Megatron came to suspect that Hightail had not arrived on the planet aboard the Ogygia like most of his comrades. Shortly thereafter Hightail revealed that he had switched sides and joined Override's faction, though Ransack would later claim that Hightail did it on his orders to spy on her. Megatron then suggested to Ransack that he either kill or exile Hightail.