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This article is about the Generation One Micromaster. For the Armada video-game Mini-Con, see Highjump (Armada).

Highjump is an Autobot Micromaster in the Generation One continuity family.
High jump cardart

"Don't make me clench this fist. Nobody wants Mr. Fisty to come out and play."

Highjump is a loose cannon cop on the edge who doesn't play by the rules, not even his own. He coined the motto of the Off Road Patrol, "Don't follow orders, follow instincts." He's apparently a skilled assassin.[1]

(The Autobots are the good guys, right?)


Marvel Comics continuity

Came to Earth, fought Iguanus, did some other stuff. King 'Con!

Dreamwave comics continuity

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Generation One

  • Off Road Patrol (Micromaster Patrol, 1989)
Highjump transforms into a gray Land Rover Defender off-road truck with a roof-mounted winch. He was only available in a four-pack with his teammates Mudslinger, Powertrain and Tote.


  1. More Than Meets The Eye #3

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