This article is about the Armada video-game Mini-Con. For the Generation One Micromaster, see Highjump (G1).

Highjump is a Mini-Con from the video game version of the Unicron Trilogy.
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If you won't take my kisses in the night, then...

Highjump is one of many power-enhancing Mini-Cons scattered across Earth. A member of the Blue Mini-Con Team, when Powerlinxed to a larger Transformer, Highjump boosts that Transformer's jumping ability, increasing their vertical reach and distance.

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Transformers Playstation 2 Game

Highjump's Mini-Con storage panel was discovered just inside the mouth of a mountain cave in Alaska. Following the defeat of Megatron, he and the other Mini-Cons returned to Cybertron and helped form the Matrix Cannon, Nemesis Shield and Vanguard Booster, giving the Autobots the power needed to destroy Unicron.


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