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High Tide is an old friend of Optimus Prime's and a specialist in aquatic rescues. As such, he was called upon by Optimus to assist in the training of Rescue Force Sigma-17.


High Tide arrived on Earth at Optimus Prime's request and saved Heatwave and several of his human friends from a whirlpool. He then began the instruction of the Rescue Bots, though he quickly wore on his pupils and their human counterparts. However, after working together with them to prevent a massive oil spill, he came to have a respect for the Rescue Bots and their human allies. He would subsequently work with them on a number of other occasions, including teamups with new recruits Blurr and Salvage.


High Tide is a gruff, tough-as-nails instructor who initially brooked no backtalk, mistakes, or any contradiction of his orders. He also had little regard for Humans in his early experience with them. However, interacting with the Rescue Bots and the Burns Family helped him on his way to overcome some of these flaws.


High Tide's standard robot mode is roughly the same height as Optimus Prime as he appears in the Rescue Bots series. His main alternate mode is a submersible, but he can also combine with his rescue carrier to serve as it's command center. When combined with it he can also transform into a massive robot form with immense strength.

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