High Score 100 is an Autobot Real Gear Robot from the live-action movie continuity family.
HighScore100 robot

You have been selected by Star Command to defend the frontier.

There are some who say video games are evil. But for High Score 100, they're more than just supposed brain-rotting fun, They're an untapped teacher. Learning second-hand from the greatest fighters and soldiers, High Score 100 watches patiently, learning the skills his masters will teach him. Rigorous repeat quarter-circles and other motions have allowed him to use martial arts skill and combat techniques that other Transformers can only dream about, such as lightning-fast kicks, precision sniping, and mastery of countless weapons (both melee and ranged). Decepticons had better watch out, because this Autobot isn't just tough. He's down-right fierce.

"Plug in. Turn on. Power up."
―High Score 100's packaging tagline

French name (Canada): Marco-Points 100
Spanish name: Marca-Puntos 100



  • High Score 100 (Real Gear Robots, 2007)
Japanese ID number: MA-12
HighScore100 alt

Seriously, this is almost how big he is.

High Score 100 transforms into a (non-functional) wireless video game console controller of made-up model. Several companies have produced actual working controllers at a scale only slightly larger (though considerably thicker), but High Score 100's lack of a pair of analog triggers beneath his shoulder buttons means he is incompatible with the Xbox 360. High Score is one of the few Real Gear Robots to contain an Automorph gimmick; when you press up the switch on the controller's front, the robot's head raises, and shoulder pads flip into place (and sometimes fall off). His robot mode looks awfully like a gorilla, with large, chunky forelimbs and small back legs. Part of this is due to his transformation scheme, where the arms become the "points" of the controller mode. Like all Real Gear Robots toys, his alternate mode is supposedly at 1:1 scale.
This mold was also used to make Twitcher F451.
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