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High Grand was the location of the Autobots' base on Earth in Transformers: Universe. It was a missile silo built into one of the Rocky Mountains. The Autobots filled the base with their technology. The Command Center houses a GroundBridge built by Ratchet which they used to deploy troops around the country. The silo also had a hangar for storage. High Grand itself is rich with energon deposits, which the Autobots can mine, but have unfortunately drawn Terrorcons to the area.


Transformers: Universe

The missile silo at High Grand used to be an operational facility, but was long ago abandoned. After the Decepticons attacked the Earth, Optimus Prime requested that General Freeman provide the Autobots with a stronghold to use as a base of operations, and he granted them the use of the High Grand missile silo. 


Grand high location Transformers Universe
  • High Grand's infrastructure is notably similar to Autobot Outpost Omega One from the Prime cartoon.
  • The GroundBridge is used in-game to queue up for matches (PvP and PvE).
  • Training dummies appeared outside one of the hangars implying a training section was coming soon. However, due to game's shutdown the training area was never produced.
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