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"For too long have we watched the other Primes fall to their pride and greed."
―The High Elder upon appointing Optimus The Last Prime

The High Council of Elders are Autobots who command Iacon, and appoint the Primes. They carry staffs, which could be used as melee weapons, or simply signify their rank. There are several High Council members, but only one High Elder.


War for Cybertron

Upon the death of Zeta Prime, Optimus brought the fallen hero's body to the High Council of Elders where they appointed Optimus the new Prime and the last of his kind.


Halogen was the longest serving member of the High Council in the last days before the Autobot/Decepticon War began. Gauntlet was the militia magistrate. Contrail, Ratbat and Drivetrain defected to the Decepticons.


  • For some reason, they all seem to resemble Zeta Prime.
  • They don't have names. They look very similar to the very large guards that are seen at the beginning of Autobot Mission 2.

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