High Council Chamber

The High Council Tower is located in Iacon and is where the High Council would meet. The Tower's foundations were built on the supercomputer Teletraan-1 and the dormant Omega Supreme. The Council met in a chamber shaped like a spark, which the thirteen Councilors would enter through thirteen doors and stand at a slightly curved row of podiums, and from the viewing area on the floor rose several balconies.


Transformers: Exodus

With the anti-caste sentiment turned violent and Sentinel Prime missing, Alpha Trion convinced the High Councilors to let them hear what the movement's leaders, Megatron and Orion Pax, had to say. Halogen was the hearing's moderator and stood in the central podium. In front of the packed balconies, Orion and Megatron fended off accusations from HalogenContrailRatbatDrivetrain, and Sigil. Orion implored the High Council appoint a new Prime to lead Cybertron into a new Golden Age. He was unaware Alpha Trion had suggested to them that Orion himself was the Prime foretold in the Covenant of Primus, and they unanimously voted him in as Optimus Prime and told him to find the Matrix of Leadership.

Incensed and believing their friendship was a ploy by Optimus for power, Megatron assassinated Halogen. Optimus ordered the Cybertron Elite Guard to stand down and spare his friend. Megatron ordered his followers, who turned out to include Contrail and Ratbat, to leave, and the civil war between the Autobots and Decepticons began. Optimus declined to use the Council Chamber as his headquarters, opting for a reading room in the Hall of Records instead.

In the final stages of the war, Megatron returned to the High Council Tower, but this time to its foundations, seeking access to Teletraan-1 so he could take the Plasma Energy Chamber and use it to corrupt the Core with Dark Energon. Starscream took the necessary Code Key of Power from the Hall of Justice, scaring off some young Autobots who alerted Optimus to their presence. However, Teletraan-1 ordered Omega Supreme to fly the Chamber to safety, and in the course of his awakening and launch, the Tower collapsed.

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