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Specifics: Toy; vehicle mode

High Beam is an Autobot, and later Maximal from the Generation One continuity family.

Behind you. Yes, YOU.

High Beam is a tracker who always means business. He never backs down from a challenge or shirks his responsibilities. Although his fellow Autobots tend to think of him as more of a thinker than a fighter, he'll eagerly engage in a firefight if he feels it is his duty to do so. This sense of duty is what drives him on his mission to find and destroy Decepticons. High Beam is more than ready to "get busy" with his latest targets, those feisty Combaticons.

Italian name: Puma


Timelines: Dawn of Future's Past

High Beam is a member of the Maximal Command Security Force, a group of highly trained individuals who uphold the Pax Cybertronia on Maximal-controlled Cybertron. He is very surprised to see that his teammate Getout modeled himself after a lesser known Autobot named Skram whom High Beam had known personally. Dawn of Future's Past


Generation 2

  • High Beam (Go-Bot, 1995)
Part of the first wave of Go-Bots, High Beam transforms into a "concept car" with exposed rear engine. At 1:64 scale and using through-axle wheels, High Beam is compatible with many "Hot Wheels" and "Matchbox"-brand playsets and tracks.
The same mold was redecoed in Generation 2 for the Go-Bots version of Bumblebee, as well as for the BotCon 1995 exclusive toy, Nightracer. It was later used for the Robots in Disguise Spy Changer Crosswise.

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