Henkei! Henkei! Transformers (変形!ヘンケイ!トランスフォーマ, Henkei meaning "Transform") is the name of the Japanese version of the Classics toyline (and part of the Universe toyline). Like the Beast Wars Returns toyline before it, this line features several redecoes of existing figures to make them look more like the original character models than their American counterparts. For example, Megatron is silver and black instead of neon green and gray, Starscream and Grimlock are colored closer to their show models, Convoy/Optimus Prime and Bumble/Bumblebee have less white paint, and Astrotrain has a more show-inspired deco of dark gray and purple instead of white and violet. In addition to these tweaks, every toy has various areas cast in chrome, seemingly for no other reason than to create a line-wide commonality.

Unlike the Hasbro version of this line, the Henkei! Henkei! toys came with a mini-manga. Somewhat unbelievably for Japan, it presents the Henkei! universe as a new continuity, rather than shoe-horning it somewhere into the cartoon continuity.




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