Bah, characters without names, what a pain!

Most of the time, they're nameless spear-carriers you can just ignore, but sometimes they do something important enough (or are in themselves interesting for some reason) and they need an article. So what do you call them? Unnamed Autobot #25 is...sucky.


Be sure to attach the template {{noname}} to the top of the article. This places the following messagebox:

which unambiguously points out the character's lack of name right up at the top of the article.

Naming convention

Teletraan I does not allow fanon names to be used for nameless characters.

The best names are simple and descriptive, such as Piano Transformer guy. If the best description you can give isn't very distinctive, like Orange jet Autobot, it might be more appropriate to put the character in an "Associated Characters" section of a more distinctive character with whom they appeared. (Though not a main character, as that would get confusing.)

Finally, a to-the-point nickname can be used if a descriptive name proves too complicated. "That red and green Autobot who looks like Fortress Maximus but is the size of a normal Autobot," is kinda a mouthful, but Christmas Maximus (a reference to his distinctive color scheme) is just about right. Nicknames that could be confused with real names are not appropriate.

"But he's obviously..."


The appearance of Flat-Out and Redline's Decepticon masters in Linkage (Armada) is based on Generation One Slugslinger and Misfire. However, it is never correct to assume that these characters are called Slugslinger and Misfire. After all, the guy who looks just like Wheeljack isn't named (or even remotely like) Wheeljack. And a dead ringer for Swoop is instead named "Ravenus."

In fact, while characters actually named Slugslinger, Wheeljack, and Swoop all exist in the Unicron Trilogy, none of them appear to be related to their G1-homage lookalikes. It is possible (and in fact common) to pay homage to a character's appearance without actually being that character, so automatically assuming that a lookalike in a different universe is the same character doesn't make a lot of sense.

Thus our policy above: Descriptions or nicknames used to refer to unnamed characters should not be something it is possible to confuse with a real name.

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