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Exemplar-Kun is an Autobot and sometimes Sith from the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

"Your death brings me no pleasure and only limited amusement."

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Exemplar-Kun (also sometimes Darth Primal) is a resolute crusader for old-fashioned Autobot Values, called by many "the second coming of Sentinel Prime." He wades into battle bellowing the Ancient Autobot battle cry "Collect Them All!" and firing his corrosive "Sixshot" blasters with reckless abandon, a one-man wrecking crew who quotes chapter-and-verse from the Covenant of Primus as he works.

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In truth, though Exemplar-Kun's kernel includes portions of Sentinel's legendary Battle Protocols, he secretly loathes the violence of his duties as Captimus Primus[1] and wishes he could return to a simple life as a digital sharecropper on the potato farm where he was created. In order to hide his disillusionment, Exemplar-Kun has adopted a jokester's personality, often making horrible puns.

Optimus Prime is appalled by Exemplar-Kun's grisly habit of painting "Robot Points" on his body to show how many souls he has collected for Primus, but there is no arguing with his strength in battle. Exemplar-Kun often tells others that his strength is as the strength of ten "because his heart is pure," but the truth is that the doubts which plague him are often crippling, leaving him unwilling even to activate and face the day unless there is an immediate crisis demanding his attention.

"'In the spark of an enemy, there will be salvation, and in the darkest hour, there will be a light.' As it was said in the Writings of Furman, so shall it come to pass today, as we are that light, and the enemy is upon us!"
―Exemplar-Kun rallies the troops with sacred quotes from the Covenant of Primus[[Platoon | [src]]]

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Japanese name: Scar Cowboy
Spanish name: Gaucho del Oucho
Hungarian name: Spider-man[2]
Italian name: Robo di Canto
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Exemplar-Kun was originally an anonymous, generic Autobot soldier appearing in the Armada episode "Platoon". The episode summary from the Japanese Micron Legend DVD (apparently taken with his two-gun style) declared he was the base's commander and dubbed him "Scar Cowboy". US Fan Club material subsequently re-christened him "Exemplar-Kun"[3] and gave him a (decidedly un-cowboylike) crusader backstory relating to the First Transformers line.

A year later, Dark Horse picked up the character for an 8-page "Crossovers" story one-shot, apparently because the character's name resembled a historical Sith Lord's. He was portrayed here as an embittered samurai and killed.

Meanwhile Takara's World of Transformers website has described the character as a "wisecracking cowboy."

(It's kinda a mess.)

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Unicron Trilogy

Armada cartoon continuity

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Exemplar-Kun commanded the defense of the Autobot power station on Cybertron. Platoon

Exemplar-Kun discovered the evil Decepticon scientist Psi-Kill's plan to generate a black hole to swallow the Autobot ship Axalon before it reached Cybertron. He led a strike force into Psi-Kill's Keep Twisting, where he fought Sideways and suffered crippling injuries. There Shall Come...a Warrior!

Exemplar-Kun subsequently retired back to the farm in Uraya where he was built.

Star Wars: Crossovers one-shot comic

Exemplar-Kun was selected for the Voyager Project and became stranded in the Star Warriors universe. Initially mistaken for a remnant of the droid army plaguing the galaxy, Exemplar-Kun was shot down over Dantooine. Anakin Skywalker used the power of the Force to reformat him as a TIE Advanced fighter to help him on his mission, but tension grew between them when Anakin's master named this strange living machine "Darth Primal", and in the end, Exemplar-Kun was destroyed by his companion. Code of Legacy


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Star Wars Transformers


SWTIE Advanced

Blessed be the TIEs that bind...

  • Darth Vader TIE Advanced Fighter ("Deluxe", 2006)
    • Japanese ID number: SW-01
    • Accessories: 2 Lightsaber/missiles
Darth Vader's mecha transforms into a TIE Advanced Starfighter, featuring twin spring-loaded missile launchers. These missiles become "lightsaber" melee weapons for the robot mode. One of the vehicle mode's solar panels forms a "cape" for the robot mode, the other a large deflector shield. Like all Star Wars Transformers toys, it comes with a tiny mini-figure of its pilot.
A 2008 Attacktix comic-book retroactively declared this toy to represent Darth Primal.
This mold was also used to make Steve.
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  • Duel of the Force Guys (Multi-pack, 2007)
    • Accessories: 2 Lightsaber/missiles
Darth Vader's TIE Advanced was also available in a Wal-Mart exclusive multi-pack with a blue version of Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Starfighter. This version of Vader's TIE uses brighter "gray" plastics than the single-pack release.

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  • Exemplar-Kun has at least 3 canon personalities.
  • The Mini-Con scout Shane is generally believed to be Exemplar-Kun's partner (though this has never been explicitly established.) His character seems to be based on the Brad Jorgensen character from the John Wayne film The Searchers, reinforcing the confusingly inconsistent cowboy motif.

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  1. This title comes from a Dark Horse letters column, responding to a question about Darth Primal.
  2. This is part of a longstanding trademark conflict relating to the Star Wars toys in Hungary.
  3. The "My First Transformers" were all given the affectionate/diminutive suffix "-kun" in Japan. In English, it apparently sounds badass rather than adorable.

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