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Though Teletraan-1 strives to constantly update its pages with as much information as possible, there are instances where we purposely do not update an article or section as soon as information becomes known, out of a matter of respect to official parties.

Note: Yeah, we know. Respect? Who'd a-thunk it?

"Unofficial" releases

Originally, this policy was put into effect prior to the release of the live-action Transformers movie, in response to all of the leaked information on it that had not come through any official channel. Since an incredible amount of early "information" on that project was rumor, hearsay, based on unfinished concept work, and so on, this wiki's policy was to feature only information on the movie that had come through official channels in order to cut back on the amount of misinformation being spread.

Which is a bit like spitting at the ocean, but it's the principle of the thing.

However, this template is also applied currently in reference to unofficial information and unreleased, unannounced toys that have appeared on eBay for any series. For example, if Hasbro announces that the next series will be Transformers Chunky Style but offers no other information, then while a "Chunky Style" page may be created, any leaked toys or secondhand friend-of-the-janitor-at-Cartoon-Network information tidbits should not be included, and the {{Coming soon|unreleased}} template should be added.

Currently, Transformers Animated is the series that will see the most use of this template.

Fun Publications Fan Club material

The Fun Publications Official Transformers Collectors' Club produces original fiction and character bios as part of its content, which is distributed via a paid subscription service. As this is a major source of income for the Club, they are understandably not keen on people distributing such material for free.

Material unique to the Club publications and online content should remain "off-limits" for wiki updating for at least one month (30 days) following its release. Since magazine propagation through the mail can vary, not to mention the different mailing-speed options, ideally information should wait one month after the "normal" mail members start receiving their magazines. Pages based on Club-original stories or characters may be set up immediately if you wish, but their contents should remain practically empty, include a {{coming soon|fanclub}} template, and be marked as a {{stub}}.


The following templates have been provided to mark articles or sections where information is being intentionally withheld for the sake of politeness/respect: