Heinrad is a Maximal in the Beast Era portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.

Where we're going we won't need ROADS!

Heinrad posesses the unique ability to stop time for a short period of time. His beast mode is that of a Tanuki. Meaning he has a giant pair of testicles. This 'bot's got balls of steel.

Note: Heinrad's Japanese name can be romanized as either Heinrad or Heinlad.


Beast Wars Neo

Voice actor: Yōji Ietomi

Heinrad is a lovable drunken goofball, often showing a lazy and relaxed personality. He also moderately kicks ass by freezing time to re-arrange battle scenes so Predacons are hit with their own laser blasts. Nice.

Beast Wars Neo manga

Heinrad timecop

"You were expecting maybe Jean-Claude Van Damme?"

After Unicron's defeat, Heinrad revealed himself to be an undercover agent of the God of Time and took his crewmates on a magical journey back in time to say goodbye to Big Convoy.

Robots in Disguise


2am! Time for Sake!

A clock in the shape of Heinrad appears in Koji's bedroom in the pilot episode Battle Protocol.

IDW Beast Wars comics


Time is on his side... Well, on his chest, really.

Heinrad was a member of the Bi-Partate Committee for State Affairs, alongside Big Convoy and Magmatron.[1]


  • Heinrad (1999)
Japanese ID number: S-3
Heinrad transforms into a tanuki. Tanuki in folklore are usually depicted with massive testicles which they can drum on. Heinrad's testicles are rather large for a Transformer (IE: he has some), but quite small for a tanuki. His articulation, while good, does not allow him to drum on his testicles. In tanuki mould he can also hold a bottle of sake (tanuki are drunks) and a book of IOUs (they're also cheapskates who never pay anyone).
In robot mode Heinrad can combine his folklore accessories to make a gun which can be held in his right hand. His missiles can be mounted on his calves, or fired with the gun. In this mode his testicles hang from his hips and his spark crystal is located in his right ball. Heinrad's weakness is clear.
In both modes Heinrad has a working analogue clock in his chest. He functions as an alarm clock -- pull up on his robot or tanuki head to activate him, then push down to turn off the alarm. He's very shrill.


  1. Script consultant's notes on Heinrad's appearance The Gathering #1.

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