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Heinrad is a Maximal in the Beast Era portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Where we're going, we won't need ROADS!

Heinrad (ハインラッド, ha-i-n-ra-ddo) possesses the unique ability to stop time for a short period of time. His beast mode is that of a tanuki (Raccoon Dog). Meaning he has a giant pair of testicles. This 'bot's literally got ball bearings of chrome steel.

Note: Heinrad's Japanese name can be Romanized as either Heinrad or Heinlad.


Beast Wars Neo cartoon[]

Voice actor: Yōji Ietomi (Japanese)

Heinrad is a lovable drunken goofball, often showing a lazy and relaxed personality. He also moderately kicks ass by freezing time to re-arrange battle scenes so Predacons are hit with their own laser blasts. Nice.

Beast Wars Neo manga[]

Heinrad was one of the five rookies among the crew of Gung Ho, at least every one believe so. In fact, he manipulated the Vector Sigma in order to allow him to infiltrate Big Convoy's crew. Double Cross

He was beaten by Guiledart and Saberback along with other rookies in the Predacon base on the planet Gaea. Fortunately, the rookies were saved by Big Convoy. The Five Rookies

When Big Convoy went to Jörmungandr with Break, Stampy and Cohrada, he left Longrack in charge of the Gung-Ho along with Heirand. A Battle Fought Alone

After a while, two Predacons — Hydra and Hardhead broke into the Gung-Ho, claiming they had place a time bomb somewhere on the ship. Longrack tried to defuse the bomb with a manual. However, he failed by cutting the wrong wire because there were something never told on the manual. Upon the bomb started to detonate, Heinrad's face became serious rather than laziness as usual. Heinrad froze the time and reverse it back to the time when Longrack trying to cut the black wire. Heinrad placed Longrack's hand on the white wire and resumed the time. Thus, the bomb was successfully defused. A Battle Fought Alone

Heinrad timecop

"You were expecting maybe Jean-Claude Van Damme?"

Later on that day, Stampy walked by Heinrad's room and peeped at him out of curiosity. He saw Heinrad talking to someone mysterious via the communicating screen with a serious look. Heinrad told his master he used his power due to the emergency. He stated there was no worry about any possibility that his identity blew up. Stampy was frightened upon seeing the scene. A Battle Fought Alone

Heinrad used his power to save Big Convoy from being eaten by Unicron along with Magmatron. He revealed his true identity as an undercover agent of "The Ruler of Time and Space" to Big Convoy. Before his disappearance, he asked Big Convoy to help with destroy "the cron of the universe"— Unicron. Double Cross

After the graduation, Heinrad showed up in front of Break, Longrack, Stampy, and Cohrada when they mourned for Big Convoy at the cemetery. He took them on a journey to a snowy planet to say goodbye to Big Convoy, who was reborn as a mammoth "Big". Return to Zero

IDW Beast Wars comics[]

This section covers fiction that is ongoing. It will be added to as the story progresses. If it isn't current, you can help by updating it.

Time is on his side... Well, on his chest, really.

Heinrad was a member of the Bi-Partate Committee for State Affairs, alongside Big Convoy and Magmatron.[1] None of his fellow Maximals are sure if he's from the past, present or future. However, they believe he might not have full control over his chronal phase abilities as sometimes he just blinks out of the timeline. Beast Wars Sourcebook


  • Heinrad (1999)
Japanese ID number: S-3
Heinrad transforms into a tanuki. Tanuki in folklore are usually depicted with massive testicles which they can drum on. Heinrad's testicles are rather large for a Transformer (IE: he has some), but quite small for a tanuki. His articulation, while good, does not allow him to drum on his testicles. In tanuki mode he can also hold a bottle of sake (tanuki are drunks) and a book of IOUs (used to trick people into giving him money).
In robot mode, Heinrad can combine his folklore accessories to make a gun which can be held in his right hand. His missiles can be mounted on his calves, or fired with the gun. In this mode his testicles hang from his hips and his spark crystal is located in his right ball. Heinrad's weakness is clear.
In both modes, Heinrad has a working analogue clock in his chest that is powered by a single AAA battery and actually keeps good time. He functions as an alarm clock -- pull up on his robot head to activate him, then push down to turn off the alarm. He's very shrill. The alarm cannot be activated when Heinrad is in tanuki mode, as the activation switch (the robot head) is concealed.




2am! Time for Sake!

  • A clock in the shape of Heinrad appears in Koji's bedroom in the pilot episode Battle Protocol.

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