This article is about the Generation One Micromaster. For the Universe Mini-Con, see Heavytread.

Heavy Tread is an Autobot Micromaster from the Generation One continuity family.
Heavy tread boxart

Caught here In a rare moment of being able to see past his own chest.

Heavy Tread really enjoys mean-spirited, physical pranks. Thankfully, he reserves this cruel hobby for Decepticons. His penchant for pulling these punks then telling his friends on the Monster Truck Patrol about it has made him pretty popular (well, among the Autobots, at least), but has put unexpected pressure on Heavy Tread. He's becoming worried that his gags are getting stale, and if he doesn't up the jackassery, his buddies might lose interest.

French name (Canada): Chenille


Dreamwave comic continuity

I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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Generation One

  • Monster Truck Patrol (Micromaster Patrol, 1990)
G1 Heavy Tread toy

It's not a funny "ha-ha" car, more a quiet, observational-funny car.

Heavy Tread doesn't actually transform into a "truck" per se, but a six-wheeled, double-engined, tractor-pull funny car. He was only available in a Micromaster four-pack with his teammates Big Hauler, Hydraulic and Slow Poke.

Return of Convoy

  • Big Truck Team (Micro Trailer team, 1991)
  • Japanese ID number: C-361
The Monster Truck Patrol was released in Japan with no discernible differences during Return of Convoy. However, the team did come with Micro Trailer #1.


  • In Dreamwave's More Than Meets The Eye encyclopedia, Heavy Tread is drawn with six wheels in robot mode (on his shoulders and ankles), but only four in vehicle mode. Oops.

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