The agony of defeat

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Megatron challenges Optimus Prime to a one on one battle to end the war.

Japanese title: "The Laws of Planet Seibertron"
Russian Tv dub title (6th channel): "Война тяжелого металла" ("Heavy Metal War")



Silly Megs, tricks are for kids!

A busy construction site is attacked by driver-less construction equipment, and several components are stolen. The construction vehicles return to Decepticon headquarters and are revealed to be the newly built Constructicons. The components they stole are parts to a machine that will allow Megatron to absorb the power chip rectifiers from his Decepticon warriors.

While the final preparations are completed on the machine, Megatron flies to Autobot headquarters and makes Optimus Prime an offer he can't refuse. Megatron offers the Autobot leader a one on one battle with the winner staying on Earth to do as he pleases, and the loser taking his army and exiling themselves to deep space. Prime, confident in his own abilities, accepts the challenge and sets the match.


Fear me, for I have the power of... poo gas!!

Knowing that Prime would be unable to resist a chance to honorably end their conflict, Megatron returns to the Decepticon base and uses the newly completed machine to gain all of the special powers of his warriors: Starscream's null ray and cluster bomb blast, Skywarp's teleportation, Thundercracker's sonic boom, Rumble's seismic attack, etc. Knowing that Megatron would now be unbeatable, Starscream voices concerns that the Autobot computer Teletraan I would be able to detect what Megatron had done. Anticipating this problem, Megatron dispatches the Constructicons to take care of the computer.

The two armies arrive at the battle site, and the contest begins. Megatron unleashes a barrage of powers (while Starscream gives a running commentary), and Prime is outclassed at every step. Not knowing that he has been deceived, Prime concedes the fight and comments that he underestimated Megatron. The shocked Autobots begin the trek back to base, and the Decepticons follow to make sure they leave.

Heavy Metal War Devastator

Not Brawl.

Meanwhile, the Constructicons have nearly tunneled their way into the Ark and Teletraan I. Teletraan I, sensing the imminent danger, activates the Dinobots. The Dinobots respond and start pounding on the Constructicons, opening up a lava channel in the process. The battle not going in their favor, the Constructicons pull out one last trick and combine into the super warrior, Devastator. The returning Autobots see the battle, but are unable to help. Inside the Ark, Teletraan I is able to show that Megatron cheated, and the Autobots rush outside to help the Dinobots.

Heavy Metal War Decepticons beat

You'd think Starscream would be used to this, but no...

Distracted by one of Hound's holograms, an even bigger Autobot, Devastator is shot by Optimus Prime and falls apart and into the lava. The other Decepticons are routed by the Autobots and also pushed into the lava. There is much rejoicing.

...Until Megatron rises from the lava, vowing that the Decepticons will rise again.

Notable quotesEdit

"Forgive me, but I believe your boast sounds vaguely familiar."

Starscream, after hearing another of Megatron's promises to destroy the Autobots.

"Let's see how he likes my new shockblast cannon! [The cannon explodes in his hands] Uhh... hnh... that's a shock, all right."


"But I need my power chip rectifier. Besides, the Cybertron Code of Combat requires each warrior to fight as he is, without additional reinforcement. You wouldn't want to cheat, would you, Megatron?"
"I will win by any means! At any cost! Even if it means terminating you, Starscream!"
"I was only raising a legal point..."

Starscream and Megatron with Megatron not realizing that what he said is what he SHOULD do to a guy that betrays him five times a week anyway. After all, its not like Starscream would ever off him in a moment of weakness.

"Doesn't this remind you of the gladiatorial combats in ancient Rome?"
"Maybe it would if I knew what you were talkin' about."
"It's Earth history, Ironhide! Skip it!"

Chip and Ironhide on the duel between Optimus and Megatron.

"No destroy Teletraan I. Dinobots destroy you!"

Grimlock after hearing the Constructicons' plans to destroy Teletraan I.

Sludge: "Sludge not see these Decepticons before."
Snarl: "Not see again either. Because we dinomite them to pieces!"
Slag: "Dinobots no fool around!"
Grimlock: "Right! Dinobots transform!"

Sludge, Snarl, Slag, and Grimlock carrying on a conversation while fighting the Constructicons.

"It's bad news, Scrapper. They've brought out the heavy artillery."
"Then it's time we did the same! Only heavier!"

Hook and Scrapper as the Constructicons prepare to merge into Devastator for the first time

"Prepare to meet your doom. Nothing can withstand the might of Devastator!"

Devastator speaking to the Dinobots.

"Nothing defeats the Devastator! Nothing!"
"Nothing, little one? Ha ha ha! What would you say about me? HAHAHAHAHA!"

Devastator and a "Giant Autobot"

"It is ended."
"Is it really over, Optimus? I mean, have we seen the end of this war? Forever?"
"Who can say, Spike? In this vast universe, is anything truly forever?"

Optimus Prime and Spike, with a question that is quickly answered, at least for the audience

"Uhhh... we shall rise... AGAIN."

Megatron floating in lava


Writer: Donald F. Glut

Original air date: Saturday December 15, 1984

Featured charactersEdit

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans


Technical/animation glitchesEdit

  • The Rhino DVD version of this episode is full of animation errors that do not appear in the original broadcast version or prior home video releases (as a result of incomplete film masters being used for the DVD), as well as crude attempts made by Rhino to fix some of these errors. Some of these are aesthetic complaints—such as when the Rhino DVD portrays the power-chip smelter as a featureless rectangular smear, lacking all the light effects and animation that should be present. Other new errors actually confuse the plot—perhaps most notably, when Rhino DVD Optimus Prime hurls a boulder at Megatron, Megatron now does not use Skywarp's teleportation ability to get out of the way, and the boulder flies straight through him with nobody seeming to care, including Megatron himself. Meanwhile, as the Constructicons are tunneling underground towards the Autobot base, the Rhino DVD visuals occasionally show them driving aboveground with a clear blue sky. But, uhhh, hey, that silver DVD case sure is shiny and pretty!
  • When Long Haul transforms to give Megatron the energy disk, it appears out of nowhere in the back of his alt mode. Hammerspace?
  • When Megatron descends to speak to the Autobots, and at two points during the duel with Optimus Prime, he is colored dark gray.
  • During this confrontation, Cliffjumper runs up and uses his glass gas on Megatron. However, he is coloured like Bumblebee.
  • When Megatron laughs maniacally after being infused with the power of the other Decepticons, his head is disproportionately small, and his Decepticon insignia moves independently of his body.
  • In the Rhino DVD version, when the Constructicons move out to dig the passage to the Autobot headquarters, Mixmaster is constantly moving a bit back and forth while driving, as if the animation frames are not ordered properly.
  • During the duel between Optimus Prime and Megatron, where are the Autobots seen in the background sitting, in midair?
  • In the Rhino DVD version, when Skywarp boasts that Megatron acquired the power of teleportation from him, he is colored like Starscream, who is seen sitting right next to him.
  • When the Autobots cheer inside their headquarters, Bumblebee's insignia is missing.
  • When the Constructicons transform to dig a tunnel into the control room of the Ark, Scrapper's head is colored yellow.
  • When Huffer is towing Optimus's trailer, at one point he is an orange-colored Optimus Prime.
  • When the Autobots transform to robot mode for the war, Ironhide transforms from robot mode to vehicle mode. Wasn't it the other way round?
  • From the first time the Constructicons unite, Devastator has his correct "visor" eyes. But he has humanoid eyes briefly, when he makes his initial boast to the Dinobots.

Continuity errorsEdit

  • This episode gives the first of three contradictory origins for the Constructions, though this is the easiest one to explain as Megatron could have been referring to the rebuilding of the Constructicons, and not their actual construction.
  • The building site that the Constructicons raid is a power plant. One of the construction workers states that it will be able to provide whole planet with limitless energy, begging the question of why the Decepticons didn't raid such a powerful energy source for energon.
  • When the Autobots arrive for the duel, Ironhide is in vehicle mode along with the others when Optimus orders them to transform. In the very next scene, Ironhide is in humanoid mode and he transforms to vehicle mode. Immediately after that, the other Autobots transform to robot mode and Ironhide is shown in robot mode again without transforming back.
  • Ironhide is apparently able to detect the Decepticons by himself, without relying on Teletraan I. However, in "The Ultimate Doom, Part 1", the Autobots were unable to detect the approaching Decepticons with Teletraan I sabotaged.
  • When the Constructicons are tunneling, Scrapper refers to Scavenger as "Scrounge".
  • Optimus Prime takes out Devastator with a single shot from his laser rifle, something rather at odds with the later portrayal of combiners as nigh-invulnerable.
  • It's a bit strange that Starscream of all mechs should be concerned with legalities and suggest that Megatron try to fight honorably... but there is a touch of sarcasm when he says "You wouldn't want to cheat, would you, Megatron?"
  • So the Decepticons couldn't FLY out of the lava when they fell in?

Transformers referencesEdit

  • This episode introduces the Constructicons and Devastator.
  • This episode is also the "source" of the aborted "Lava Bath Safety" deco for the original Megatron toy.
  • As the Autobots and Decepticons spectate for the fight, Soundwave is seen petting Ravage. Awwww...

Miscellaneous triviaEdit

  • During Teletraan's montage of the sources of Megatron's acquired powers, the descriptions for the individual Decepticons are verbatim quotes from the Transformers Series Bible's "Decepticon Rolecall" page, albeit including several lost-in-translation typographical errors ("Decepticon Lider", "Decepticon Commicator", "Sky Warp"). The most notable of those is Rumble (misspelled as "Runble") being identified as a "red robot". Furthermore, the seemingly random numbers listed on those screens are actually Hasbro's product codes for the respective toys. Interestingly enough, Reflector is given a product number, even though he was never released at mass retail. However, the renditions of the Decepticons are not the official model sheets for those characters, but rather all-new drawings.
  • Apparently, the Autobots couldn't hear Starscream talking about the power-chips while Optimus Prime and Megatron were fighting. And they actually had to have Teletraan I scan Optimus's damaged parts to determined that Megatron had cheated. With the war lasting for as long as it has, you think the Autobots would know which powers go with which Decepticons,wouldn't you?
  • Optimus Prime shot a laser blast out of his hand.
  • Judging by where Optimus Prime shoots him, Devastator's weak point seems to be his lower area.
  • Apparently,being called Decepticons makes them completely trustworthy.

Real-world referencesEdit

  • None yet identified.

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