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Heavy Load is a Decepticon from the Generation One continuity family (via the Universe "Classic Series").

Hate Potion #9

Heavy Load is a chemist who used to work for the good of all, but centuries of experiments have taken their toll. His cognitive systems were degraded through chemical exposure, leaving him a different bot than he used to be, unrecognizable to his peers. The concoctions that warped him are now his stock-in-trade, as he sells poisons and bombs to Decepticon gangs and tests new creations on Autobot captives.


Universe (2008)

  • Decepticon Heavy Load with Drillbit Mini-Con! (Voyager)
    • Accessories: Missile, twin-barreled blaster, key

I didn't know if it was day or night. I started killing everything in sight.

Heavy Load is a redeco of Cybertron Quickmix in yellow, dull green, and black, transforming into a Cybertronic cement mixer, with a drum that actually turns (on a ratcheting joint, though). The top of the mixing assembly flips up to reveal a control panel for Heavy Load's pack-in Mini-Con Drill Bit to stand on; pegs fold out that plug into holes in Drillbit's arms for stability.
In robot mode, plugging the Key into the key jack on his drum splits it open and reveals his spring-loaded missile launcher. The "pipe" piece on his left arm is actually removable, and can be repositioned on his arm, or even used as a hand-held "blaster" thanks to its Powerlinx peg. He also has an alternate "work" robot mode, which basically just pushes his hips up into his torso and raises his shoulders up as well. He comes with a yellow-bordered black Gigantion-style Cyber Planet Key.


  • The pipe/blaster piece, though shown in official photography on the back bumper of his vehicle mode (as it is on Quickmix), is mounted on his vehicle-mode cab roof's Powerlinx peg inside the package. This is frankly awesome.
  • Like all other non-Cybertron-release toys that use Cyber Key accessories to activate features, his packaging simply calls the piece a "Key".
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