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Heavy Load is a Gigantion Mini-Con from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Mah poor wee bairns cannae take it nae mair!

Heavy Load is the Mini-Con partner to the rebellious Menasor. Though he does his duty supporting the colossal machine to the best of his ability, he appears to be more level-headed than his partner. He typically rides in a special compartment inside Menasor's chest, coming out only to do certain specialized jobs, or to stop Menasor from doing something very stupid.

Basically, his main job is to act as Menasor's Jiminy Cricket. Don't say that to either of their faces, though.

Japanese name: Bull-Bull


Cybertron Cartoon

Heavy Load presumably remained ensconced inside Menasor's chest through his larger partner's whole involvement with the Decepticons. However, when Menasor and Metroplex began to brawl while the other Autobots and Decepticons were busy trying to get the Gigantion Cyber Planet Key from the ancient spaceship Lemuria, Heavy Load apparently had enough.


No, I'm Spartacus!

Fearing the two would likely kill each other, Heavy Load forcibly ejected from his compartment within Menasor, and stood between the two combatants, quickly joined by Metroplex's Mini-Con partner Drill Bit. The two giants realized the futility of their fight and the arrogance they both were displaying, and came to terms with each other... and Menasor vowed to help the Autobots defeat his former teammates. Optimus


Scarecrow, I'll miss you most of all.

After the death of Galvatron, Heavy Load joined Drill Bit, Stripmine and Safeguard in saying goodbye to the Recon Mini-Con Team, who were staying behind on Earth to be with their human friends. Heavy Load likely stayed with Menasor and joined Optimus Prime on the Earth starship Atlantis, having all sorts of still-frame adventures together. Beginning



  • Menasor (Ultra Class, 2006)
Heavy Load transforms into a Cybertronic dump truck with a front-mounted "ramming scoop". In this mode, he can also fit in between the halves of Menasor's vehicle-mode ramming scoop, forming the pair's "assault mode". In robot mode, he can fit snugly into a compartment inside Menasor's torso. He was only available with his larger partner.

If you can't find 'em, grind 'em.

It's worth noting that Heavy Load is the shortest Mini-Con toy, not even able to look the tiny Ramjet face-to-face in robot mode. However, he's also a very wide Mini-Con, with a decently-sized vehicle mode.
In Japan, Menasor and Heavy Load were only available through Takara's e-Hobby online store (in Hasbro packaging), ten months after the Galaxy Force line was over.

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