The Headmaster Warriors are a team of Autobots from the Headmasters portion of the Generation One continuity family.

The Cybertron Master Warriors (also known as the Cybertron Master Teens) are a group of young Cybertronians living on the planet Master, training to become fully fledged Headmasters. The team includes:

(From left to right, as seen in the picture.)


Headmasters animated series

Millions of years ago, during the Cybertronian civil wars, many groups of Autobots evacuated the planet to escape the conflict. One particular group of diminutive young robots who had yet to even master the art of transformation crash-landed on the planet Master, where the hazardous environment claimed the lives of many of their number. To cope with the planet's dangers, the survivors built larger, lifeless bodies called Transtectors, and the most skilled and powerful among them underwent rigorous training in order to perfect transformation and connect to them as heads, becoming Headmasters. When six of their number turned against the rest and sided with the Decepticons, the five remaining Autobot Headmasters left Master and pursued them back to Cybertron. With their departure, more of the remaining young Autobots began their own training in hopes of accomplishing transformation and becoming Headmasters – these were the Headmasters Warriors.

Upon returning to the planet Master, the Headmasters were reunited with their comrades. Miraculous Warriors, Targetmasters (Part 2)

Some time later, when the Decepticon Headmasters returned to Master, the Headmaster Warriors assembled a resistance force under the command of Kirk to combat them. They met with little success, though the side looked set to change with the return of the Autobot Headmasters to the planet. Chromedome put a plan together with Kirk to lure the Decepticons into the cloudy confines of a nearby mountain range, but the scheme backfired when the location only served to give the Decepticons an advantage as they used the clouds for cover. During the fight, Kirk's jet craft was shot down, but he survived to exchange apologies with Chromedome for their reckless leap into the battle. The Decepticon victory in the battle proved to the villains that they were now strong enough to return to Earth, however, leaving the Headmaster Warriors to recover from the damage inflicted to the planet. Operation: Destroy the Destrons

TV Magazine Masterforce prologue

When the Decepticons were later defeated on Earth and forced back into space, the nature of the war changed. The advanced technology of planet Master formed the backbone for this new conflict, and, having returned to Master, Chromedome and the other Autobot Headmasters took it upon themselves to train the Headmaster Warriors in the use of their powers.


The six Headmaster Warrior figures were available exclusively in Japan, packaged individually in teeny little boxes. Each of them transforms into a head, which can connect to any of the large Headmaster figures’ bodies. They command immense sums of money on the secondary market – and that's without mentioning the super-rare entirely white versions of all six figures which were sold only in certain Japanese stores.


Among the Headmaster Warrior concepts that didn't make it to final stages were a cobra, rhino, bull, and dugong. Not kidding!

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