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Shūta, Cab, and Minerva become the Headmaster Juniors but get beaten by a drone in their first battle.

Japanese title: "ヘッドマスターJr.誕生"


Shūta and Cab tell Hawk that they want to be formal members of the Autobots. But Hawk says they are just children and cannot be formal members. Minerva then appears and states she want to be a formal member, too.

Being begged by the three kids, Hawk eventually compromises with them. He introduces the Master Suits to the kids and gives them some physical training and tests in order to make sure that they are able to become Headmaster Juniors. And they prove it.

But soon after the kids become Headmaster Juniors, the Decepticons show up in Ginza, Tokyo. The Headmaster Juniors rush to the garage; Shūta and Cab drive their cars and set out, ignoring Lander's words. Minerva sets out later.

After arriving the street, the Headmaster Juniors perform head on to the Transtectors and become the Transformers in order to stop Lobclaw. They soon get themselves into a harsh battle due to their lack of teamwork.

Hawk then arrives and changes into Metalhawk, destroying Lobclaw with ease.

After the battle, Hawk admonishes the kids (especially Shūta and Cab) that they must understand the importance of teamwork since they are Autobots. Shūta and Cab blame each other for not using teamwork, while Minerva asks them to stop blaming each other.

Meanwhile, in the Decepticon headquarters, the Decepticon Headmaster Juniors are ready for the next battle.


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Items of note

  • According to the narrative, the Decepticon headquarters in Super-God Masterforce is located under the Pacific Ocean.
  • Special moves in this issue:
    • Galaxy Hurricane Throw (Metalhawk)
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