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Hate Plague Rodimus

You've got red on you.

"It's a madness plague, Galvatron! If one of those Transformers touches you, you're infected."
Rodimus Prime[["The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1"| [src]]]

The Hate Plague was one of the few maladies capable of affecting Transformers. Any organism, when infected, turns bright red and displays incredibly high levels of aggression toward everything and everyone.


Generation One cartoon[]

It was first discovered in the 2-Part episode The Return of Optimus Prime in the third season of the G1 Cartoon, contained within the sun that the ship containing Optimus Prime's body was on a collision course with.

Although extremely infectious (being instantly transmitted by touch, or by an extremely heavy concentration of the spores in the air), certain metals (such as the heat-resistant alloy featured in the same episode) can block the spores out. However, only pure, unadulterated knowledge could truly contain or defeat the spores; a wise man in pre-Cybertronian history learned how to contain these spores within a sun, and at the end of the episode, Optimus was able to eradicate the spores by unleashing the accumulated wisdom within the Matrix of Leadership.

List of known infected characters[]

NOTE: The only characters in the episode Return of Optimus Prime who definitely never get infected by the Hate Plague are Optimus Prime himself, Metroplex (who was deactivated to prevent him from getting infected), and the Quintesson that Sky Lynx brought to Earth to revive Optimus Prime.

Beast Machines[]

In Beast Machines, Megatron uses a new variety of virus based on the Hate Plague in an attempt to destroy the Maximals. A Wolf in the Fold Nightscream compared this with the original Hate Plague.

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