Hatchet serves as the Dreads' hunting dog. He is a vicious creature and loves to tearing Autobots to pieces with his razor sharp claws and teeth.


Dark of the Moon film



Hatchet and the other two Dreads pursue Sentinel Prime and the Autobots on the highway while returning to NEST headquarters in Washington, D.C. After Hatchet and Crankcase transforms, Hatchet failed to grab Bumblebee. Dino transforms and launches his hooks at Hatchet, grabbing him.


"Ah... Crap!"

Hatchet pulls him along like he's road skiing. While being slowed down, he is shot by Sideswipe and Bumblebee multiple times before Dino tosses him to the side and slams him in the face into a car that was driving the opposite way down the highway and he is decapitated. Dark of the Moon


Dark of the Moon game

In Chapter 3, Mirage encounters multiple Hatchet creatures designated: Assaulters. They are one of the harder enemies to beat, especially when Mirage loses his weapons.


  • Hatchet (Cyberverse Commander, 2011)
  • Accessories Missiles/Bombs *2
Unlike his appearance in the film, Hatchet's alternate mode is an European Typhoon Fighter Jet instead of a Chevrolet Suburban.


  • He is also the only on screen Cybertronic animal to have an alternate mode.
  • Like his comrades, his design has something to do with the Predator. In his case, he was based of a Predator Hound from Predators.
  • He has a nose ring.

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