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Hardshell is a Decepticon Insecticon from the Prime continuity family.


Hardshell is the most fearless of the Insecticons and one of the toughest Decepticons. He is an expert hunter, an expert fighter and is a worthy leader. He has gained his many battle scars from off-lining many Wreckers he encountered.

Shockwave believes that Hardshell, along with his brothers, Kickback and Sharpshot, are the three original Insecticons. This is evidenced by his ability to transform while the other lesser generations of Insecticons cannot.

Hardshell prefers to rely on heavy artillery and advanced combat equipment as opposed to his natural combat instincts. Hardshell's alternate mode is that of a rhino beetle.


Prime cartoon

Voice actor: David Kaye

Hardshell and his brothers found their way to Earth and submerged themselves in stasis pods underground, only to be discovered by Airachnid years later. Crossfire A while later, Airachnid awakened the Insecticons and had them attack the Nemesis to terminate Megatron, Hardshell was among them. However Arcee defeated Ariachnid and broke her control over the bugs and they joined the Decepticons. Armada Later Hardshell and his brothers were zapped into stasis after the Nemesis gained sentience. Flying Mind

Later, Megatron seeking to find the four Iacon relics, went to the Insecticon chamber to find a volunteer to find one of them and Hardshell stepped forward. Hardshell and three other Insecticons GroundBridged to the Earth's Equatorial region, and began multiple search vectors. Along the way, Hardshell encounter Wrecker Bulkhead and engaged him, gloating about his history of killing other Wreckers. Though the two were fairly well matched, Bulkhead ultimately gained the upper hand and bested Hardshell taking off one of his mandibles. Hardshell recovered, just as his companions returned for him and found the relic. The Pod contained Tox-En, and was rigged with a grenade whose explosion took out one of his subordinates. After making his report to Megatron, Hardshell found a trail of Bulkhead's energon and followed it. However he discovered it was a ploy and realized that the Wrecker was planning to dispose of the Tox-En in the volcano. Hardshell and his companions made it there before Bulkhead and attacked. However Hardshell was weakened by the Tox-En as was his companion while his third subordinate was killed by another grenade. Hardshell and Bulkhead both weakened fought but Hardshell and the Tox-En were thrown into the volcano. Hardshell re-emerged from the lava, and shot Bulkhead in the back as he returned to the Autobot's base via GroundBridge. Toxicity

When Hardshell returned to the Nemesis, the only thing that kept Megatron from slagging the powerful Insecticon was that Hardshell claimed to have terminated Bulkhead in the process. Later however, Wheeljack contacted Megatron and informed him that Bulkhead had indeed survived and that he wanted a chance at revenge for what Hardshell did to Bulkhead. He then proceeded to blow up one of Megatron's energon mines. Wheeljack told Megatron that he would continue to destroy the mines until he had his fight with Hardshell. He then provided Megatron with the coordinates of his next target and told Megatron to have Hardshell to meet him there.

When Wheeljack arrived at the mine he engaged Hardshell. After a short while it appeared that Hardshell had the upper hand and would have beaten Wheeljack had Miko, who had tagged along with Wheeljack for revenge as well, not fired on him with the Jackhammer's missiles, killing the Insecticon. Later, the other Insecticons took Hardshell's ravaged remains to Megatron. Megatron was surprised to learn that a Human, not an Autobot, would have been willing to kill so brutally. Hurt


Rise of the Dark Spark

Voice actor: Scott Whyte (English)

Fall of Cybertron

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Hardshell is depicted as one of the original Insecticons as well as one of Shockwave's lieutenants. He prefers to use advanced combat tactics as well as heavy weaponry and ordinance in opposition the combat instincts with which he is naturally endowed. The "Bruiser" breed of Insecticons appear to be derived from him. His beast mode appears to be a large mechanical boll weevil with large elytra equipped with rocket boosters protruding from his shell.

As Grimlock makes his way through Shockwave sends Hardshell to hamper his progress. Hardshell enters a large gunship weapon and engages Grimlock and the recently liberated Swoop. Grimlock is able to defeat him with Swoop's help. Swoop is able to provide Grimlock with some explosive canisters which Grimlock then throws. After enough damage to his his suit Hardshell is knocked free from the cockpit and becomes caught on the canopy. Grimlock then rips him out of his cockpit and smashes his face into a console for facial recognition. This allows him to proceed on his mission to find the rest of his team.


  • Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters Cyberverse Hardshell (2013)


  • Hardshell appears to be the progenitor of the Spittor breed of Insecticons.
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